first visit from Ms nurse

Hi, my wife has been newly diagnosed with Ms, She is due a visit from the ms nurse next week to show her how to inject the copaxone, when speaking to the nurse over the phone to arrange appointment, she said she will be here for about two hours? I know it is to show the injection sites on the body but will it take two hours? What else will she be here for? Thanks Paul

Hey Paul, Haven’t a clue why she will be there for 2 hours. I would think injections wont take 2 hours. But fantastic that she has allocated such a long time. Use the time to your wife’s advantage. For example you could discuss symptom management and ask advice on appropriate meds. Hope it goes well Hugs Min xx

Hi Paul I had the same appt on Tuesday and the nurse was with me about an hour and a half. In summary: She spent a few mins talking about the medication, how it works etc She discussed delivery- how often, any problems etc She discussed what’s needed if I go abroad, become pregnant etc Myself and my husband then practised injecting with empty sample needles She then examined my skin on the injection sites and detailed where they should be She sat with me whilst I did my first injection- she wanted me to do it in my tummy Lastly she filled in the first two weeks of diary with my rotated sites It flew by and she gave time for questions/nerves Hope it goes well Lorna x