My Double Yolk Breakfast

When our daughters get together at our house they revert to childhood. Saturday was no different can you imagine the bickering and noise and that was with only two out of three kids our son winds them up mercilessly but he was working. I had grandchildren in the garden and running in and out some wanted to eat outside one wanted to eat on my recliner chair it was bonkers and I loved it. Click here to read about it on my Promote Thanet Blog

It was a lovely breakfast


Hi Don, What a lovely start to your morning and your breakfast looked lovely especially as I am sitting here and my stomach is rumbling. I am determined not to eat until lunch time. Double yolker eh!! Don’t tell Aldi they might put up the price of their eggs. I haven’t seen double yolkers for years, not since I was a child growing up on the farm. My job as a child was to find the eggs and I found them in some unlikely places. ( Ah! The memories). Mags xx

Fab blog Don! Made me hungry. Gosh I don’t know when I last had a full English… & don’t remember when I last saw double yolks. Must be years! Sounded a bit chaotic but that sort of family chaos which is lovely! Thanks… I tweeted it. Pat xx

Looked a lovely way to start the day, makes me dish of cornflakes seem insignificant now, glad you enjoyed it.

Sounds like everyone had fun.

Pam x

Thanks folks it was a wonderful treat from my gorgeous daughters well one daughter the other one just looked on

I love it but have to moan I am a grumpy old man. I have got our eldest grandsonn here he is proper poorly wink wink he is exhausted and its the end of term so one day off sitting in the recliner wont hurt. His mum has just come to pick him up and he dont want too go home he wants to stay for tea and go home later, his brother will have something to say about that!!!

I am sure it will be two grandsons for tea but that will be fun

Hot here in Margate not moved all morning but then I have been busy grandson watching


Great blog as always Don! Can’t recall the last time I saw a double yolker either! Nina x

Nina our mate on the egg farm used to bring them infor us and big egg boxes our daughters, they used to pretend the boxes were cars would you believe? but I helped convert the hen houses into industrial units 20 odd years ago Time fly’s He works on London Under Ground now, nights repairing the tracks and tunnels I hated night work but he has stuck to it all those years. See what memories a simple double yolk egg can bring back

I am in bed typing this I can hardly move tonight HEather even had to put me in wheelchair to cross the landing. Nite Nite Everyone they typo’s are becoming a pain and I need lots of beauty sleep to keep me looking this good.