Summer's back... & a few other things...

Hi gang, unbelievably balmy weather in London… really warm and sunny.

I hear much of the country has a plague of ladybirds. Anyone got them? A friend in Brighton has had to shut all her windows as so many are coming inside.

As my ‘bad patch’ has been going on since the Spring I’m thinking I’ve had some MS progression… so I’m trying a couple of things to make life easier.

Firstly I’ve found a couple of companies that deliver good frozen meals to your door. I tried one in Hereford… not bad… but I’ve found another that has shops as well and has a shop quite close to me. So I’m giving them a try. They are delivering first order on Monday. I have Tesco deliver too but these meals… the company is called ‘Cook’… look better and healthier.

Secondly I’ve been finding doing laundry really exhausting and I tend to put it off until there’s loads which makes it worse. We have a laundry downstairs so it’s not really like having one in your own home. Anyway I’ve found a laundry company. They are picking up on Monday (same day as meals arrive!) and bring back Tuesday. Washing, drying and ironing!!!

Hopefully these things will make my life a bit easier… and I reckon that’s what I get DLA for.

Hoping everyone is doing ok?

I’ll let you know how my plans work out…

Love to all,

Pat xx


Chin up Pat, sounds like you are using your brains and DLA well. Take care M

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Hi Pat,

we have been getting loads of ladybirds…never seen as many,we have loads in the house… do you remember Linney off this site…she had a ladybird for her avatar…bless her

the meals sound such a good idea for you and the laundry service sounds good also…they should help make things a little easier for you…

its been lovely and warm here in Leeds too… was sat in the garden this afternoon it was that nice…

love J x

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Hello Pat,

I used to try a lot of ready meals from Sainsbury’s and found a sort of tangy unpleasant taste to them all. But that was back in 1995. I know things have changed a lot since then and there are some healthier more nutritious options. Keep us informed luv! As for ladybirds, it’s not been apparent in East Sussex but I remember a plague of them in the summer of 1976 when I lived on Merseyside. The novelty soon wore off especially as I was working at Cadbury’s.

Wishing you well, Steve x

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Hi Pat

Lovely day here but no ladybirds, sat here watching the world go about their business ness, but fatigue and pain has put an end to me joining in.

Sounds like a good plan Pat, and DLA is to make your life easier, go for it.

Pam x

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Thanks guys.

M, yep putting my DLA to good use!

Steve, the supermarket meals are better now but they are still very high in salt. I’m hoping the ones from Cook are lower salt and a bit nicer… the reviews say they’re better than homemade. (I used to be a very good cook so they’ll have to be good to be better than my homemade! That’s another thing I can’t do anymore).

Pam, sorry you’re not so good. Hope you’re feeling better this evening.

Mrs J… yes I remember Linney very well. I often think of her. Yes, bless her.

Have a good evening everyone… make sure the ghosts don’t get you…

Pat xx

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There’s a Cook in the next town to us (Tunbridge Wells) and I had some of their food at a few parties. It seemed fine. Note: I ate before drinking too much.

Steve x

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Sounds good Steve… I think there’s a few around the country.

Link for anyone interested…

Hope that works… terrible problem with links since ipad update.

Pat xx

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Sounds like a good plan Pat both the meals and the laundry. I manage my laundry ok but have been sending my ironing to a local company for a year or so.

A friend has food delivered from a company that advertise on t.v, (I can’t remember the name at the moment) he said they are very good. I’m not sure if they are nationwide or just the Tyne Tees area. I’ll ask him next time I see him and let you know.

No Ladybirds in the North East, we’ve had a lovely day though. We were going to have a Halloween tea party for my Granddaughter but she has a virus and has been asleep most of the day.

Have a good weekend.

Jan x

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I hope you are feeling a bit more ‘chipper’ PatM

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we had 2 mild days, however today (Sunday) is blooming freezing! I mean I am cold through to my bones! This doesn’t bode well for me, the country file weather just told us our countryside night time temp (we are out at top of hill at back of beyond) is going to be ONE SINGLE SOLITARY DEGREE!!

Onsie night! I have a fabulous fleece ONSIE that my hubby hates but is always happy to help me into because he knows I’m not a happy girl when I’m cold, and yet I love autumn and winter, I just hate how this makes MS makes cold an enemy lol

Big hugs to all

Polly xxx

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the meals on cookfood look really delicious,they have one in Leeds so i may give them a go myself, let me know how you get on with them…

J x

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