My dog decided to escape (not ms)

Today has been my usual chaos. Started the day by getting Callum ready for nursery kids were in the playroom I was getting dressed in the hall when I noticed shadows and movements where I started to panic thinking someone was in the house. Creep into my bedroom to find a blackbird guessing it came down the chimney. Managed to catch it in a shoebox. Dad came to the rescue to run cals to nursery. Got willow ready I’d a bank appointment just about to leave willow trips bites her lip and blood went all over her and her lemon and white dress. Got her stripped changed and cuddled and eventually gets to the bank 20 mins late. They were lovely I tried to call to explain but no one answered. Any I was sorting out stuff for the house and selling clothes dad came in to take stuff tk the charity shop 20 minutes later my phone rings it mum asking if I’m missing anyone. I think for a minute and said no Callum and willow are next to me and ghillie (my dog) is upstairs sleeping. She’s like I’ll think you’ll find ghillies not there. My heart stRted racing shouted on him. And mums like I have him here. Thought I was loosing the plot he must have sneaked out when dad was lifting bags out. Ghillie hasn’t had a walk in 8 weeks. I’m not cruel but he’s been on rest from the vet. He’s been watching me too long but he’s really limping on his back legs. £250 of X-rays later we expected to find arthritis but he’s fractured his back foot or damaged the tendon He now has to go to a vet 3 hours away where they will sort the bone or if it the tendon they will fit a synthetic tendon. I’m impressed they’re better with animals than they are with humans. Anyway he’d left my house took himself a walk to my mums and sat on the doorstep, a lady was hanging blinds at mums and was going to her car opened the door and ghillie Apparantly looked at her as much as who are you and bolted past her till he found mum. Where he took a big drink and collapsed. I’m not sure which direction he took but If he went to the left from my house there is a park on route. Well I hope he enjoyed it and I’m so glad he’s safe. I got him when I was new married and was really sick with glandular fever and the doctor suggested getting a dog and building up my strength. He really is my best friend it’s amazing how good there senses are, when I was trying to conceive willow every month I didn’t need a pregnancy test as every month an hour before my period started he used to steal my socks. After 11 months I ended up screaming at him and crying not that it was his fault. And willow wasn’t planned as I’d given up and paid for a graphic and webdesign course when the next month he didn’t steal my sock. But in my big relapse In November he woke me at 4 in the morning and I couldn’t see he never gets me up. Instead of panicking I went down had a cup of tea then went back to bed and he cuddled me till I got up. I’m now going to bed where I’m sure I’ll get a cuddle from my faithful companion. He’s a golden retriever and he can be pretty dim but today he proved he’s not as stupid as he acts Sorry for going on.

well at least you know if he gets out again and goes for a walk by himself, he should go to your moms (does he have a chip just in case tho??)

Sounds like your dog is more useful that a lot of humans I know

I do miss not having a pet but as I am out most of the day (still in work now) - its really not fair on them.

I hope you have a nice time cuddling


Yeah my dogs chipped He’s 7 now and has never escaped before. My garden is secure you can only get in though electric garages. So from now on the vestibule door will always be shut. He’s normally good if I’m at the door he knows he’s not allowed out the front as it’s a very busy road. So grateful he got there safe plus just down the road there is a dog that is viscous he jumps at the gate and is huge. My dog is a softy he’s quite proud and dogs tend tl try and fight with him. He once had a spaniel on his back and he stood with his eyes closed

Hiya I misread your post. I thought you’d got up at 4am one morning in November and Ghillie had made you a cup of tea… Back to bed for me I think Glad all in ok. Take care Neil

Glad he is ok he sounds a great dog. Willow is such a lovely name hope she is OK. Did you get the children OK or did retrieving ghillie put you all behind? Do you still do web design? I wish I could do more web stuff I am self taught and my teacher is rubbish. I bet Vellum loves Ghillie boy should have a dog our son George didn’t have one, Heather is allergic to animals and has got worse as the years have gone on. The girls had a cat but you can’t beat a dog I was bought up on a farm with dogs I loved my Dog memories ahh memories, have a good day and give ghillie a hug from me. Don

CALLUM not Vellum pesky kindle. I am still in bed and laptop is downstairs Don

Hi Em, You had quite an eventful time. I didn’t know you had glandular fever. I did too when I was in secondary school, the red sore throat and I kept falling sleep with my mouth open in front of the TV. xx