Drop foot

Drop foot at its worse today, I was home alone and decided I needed to try and tidy the shed a little at the bottom of the garden, now you have to picture this the garden is 100 ft and I probably have th last 20-25 ft fenced off where my sheds and aviary is. Just going through the gate to the sheds and “drop foot” strikes, I hit the ground like a massive sack of potatoes initially thinking what the blo**dy hell happened there, then it dawns on you just as I can smell the fresh dog poo that I happen to have landed in the only pile in the whole garden I’m tittle stomached at the best so the wretch ins starts and the more I try to get up the more I’m gagging. Well I eventually got up and managed to limp back indoors stip off and get showered but I can still smell that bloody dog poo. But I can laugh about it now

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Oh no! I hope that tomorrow is a better day.


Oh drummer boy, horrible horrible but you gotta laugh, bloody typical. Glad you managed to get up and sort yourself let’s hope things are better today

The best of it was I knew the father in law was due any minute to sort the aviary out but typically he was having a sick day lol I’m over it today except for a sore back and dented pride, but you gotta keep laughing

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thats funny-i shouldnt be laughing but i am! with you-not at!

i havent been around cos i lost power in all 4 limbs-thats not funny either but i can laugh now too!

if i ever lose my sense of humour…

hope life is good for you!


Hi Ellie, never lose my sense of humour and try to laugh at everything, even the dreaded dog poo… Lol


a tale re cow shit for u?

i was brought up on a farm. toy tractor and trailer. going round the edge of the midden (where all the s*it goes!) u maybe can guess the rest?!

i had it coming out every orifice that i have! luckily dad was nearby otherwise i may not have telling u this tale!


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Its all you can do is laugh! I’ve got the dreaded drop foot and fell into village pond, with the ducks!

I’m not laughing…well… I am really lol you have to.

well if were comparing falls due to drop foot, heres one of my more spectacular ones…

I was almost at the last few step off the bridge that goes over the canal at Slimbridge…the bridge opens to let barges, narrowboats and gin palaces through , when it happened…all fine and graceful one minute then BANG!!!..down I went, flip flops flopped off, indian skirt half way up my swollen legs and the bridge man, running to get me to safety, as he`d already pressed the button to open the bridge!

Yeh, it was a good `un!


Got to laugh or else we’d cry.

I once fell in a disabled toilet… luckily I managed to get back up using the grab rails.

Jen x

Done the loo falls loadsatimes!

Had to get bounces in to pick me up

And I swear ( bugger, shit, flop) there wasn’t a drip of alcohol involved!