my boss is making me look like a nincumpoop

I work in a shop, part time. I put a reserve on an item for someone and when the gentleman came to collect the item yesterday it isn’t what he reserved, nor what I’d put the reserved ticket on, but when I questioned my boss he said I’d got it wrong. I know I hadn’t. He told me he’d phone a lady about her order, then I had a call from her complaining and my boss told me off for not keeping her upto date with her order. He has all the deliveries coming in on my days. this I know because on the delivery instructions it says delivery mon/tues. Then I’m told if I’m finding it difficult I should leave. Every instruction I’m given by him , he adds if that’s not too difficult for you. But it isn’t said in a caring way. Having all the deliveries to deal with mean that on a wed my body hurts so much and my wrists feel sprained. Need the money but I really think he’s trying to build up a case to dismiss me. I wish the economy would pick up so I’d have more confidence in changing jobs.

Sounds as if you leave you would have a good case for constructive dismissal…

It would always be my word against his and he’s a bigger bully than I am

Hi. I read your post and don’t like to read and run. I don’t want to interfere, but it would probably help if you contact your union if you have one or Citizens Advice. Your boss has no right to treat you as he’s doing. I know my union were really helpful and supportive when I needed them. It wasn’t conflict with my employer, but they were fantastic. I wasn’t just a number to them.

I hope things improve for you.

Min x

he sounds horrendous!!! you should definintely start keeping a diary of what is happening - times and quotes etc to build up a case for yourself should he try to get you dismissed. do you work with any colleagues or on your own? if you do have colleagues try and get them to witness the things that you are doing as it will definitely help to have someone back you up.

good luck and if you need help, i can still lift my knee to groin height xxx

Hi Anon

Do you have a camera phone? I think in your situation I would be taking pictures of the reserved tickets on the items I am reserving to prove it is not me. As others have said, start noting everything down (including the things he says and does)so you can build a case against him. If he does dismiss you, at least you will have a full file of evidence against him and you can take it to a tribunal. Why should he get away with this behaviour?

Tracey x

Considering you have disability status, think you have very strong chances to sue him. Ask for advice. x