All a big plan??

Hi All Hope you are all well and getting into the Christmas spirit! All I seem to do is moan at the min so apologies but I really dont know what to think. A few weeks ago my boss told me I would be moving to another office in our company which would be a great benefit for me as I wouldnt have to pay for parking, walk 5 mins to get to the office, have to go up and down stairs to go to the loo and I could just do purely the job I am meant to do which made me think they were finally understanding my MS. But 2 days in to the new office and I just feel like a spare part as all the work I should do is done by someone else, Im left with work and shouldnt be doing and all I do is twiddle my thumbs all day and can’t help but feel its a way to try and get rid of me as they are only a small company and have never had to deal with a member of staff with anything like this. I’m probably just over reacting but I feel so pushed out and dread going in after just two days. Sorry to have a moan but just wondered if anyone else had been through anything like this.

hi sammie

first up, don’t apologise for moaning.

now why don’t you ask for word with your boss.

ask him exactly what changes have been made to your role.

tell him that you appreciate the closer parking, loos on same floor etc. maybe you could ask what you can do in return?

good luck

carole x

Hi Sammie,

Maybe have a word with the people who are currently doing what you should should be doing. You may find that some of it is habit because there has been no-one else to do it. You may even find that they are happy to off-load some of it. Your roles may have been divided between several people but as long as you don’t make it seem as if you are trying to take some-ones actualy job, you should be able to sort it out with them.

And if this is not the case then as Carole says, have a word with your boss.

Good luck hun


I am sorry that you are in such an uncomfortable situation - that sounds horrid.

If I had to put money on it, I would guess that your bosses are currently feeling highly pleased with themselves having ‘solved the problem’ and have not given you one moment’s further thought, having moved onto the next problem on their list. You need to flag up, very quickly, that there is another problem to solve here in terms of your duties and responsibilities. Be nice about it, but also be firm and clear - you need (as every employee needs) to be clear about what your job is and where the lines of demarcation are. If there is to be a period of transition while things move from one regime to another then fine - but you do need a good, time-bounded picture of how that is going to happen.

So I would suggest giving them the benefit of the doubt for now and assume cock-up rather than conspiracy (it is usually cock-up in this life!) They have started something sensible in terms of your work location - that is good and gives you something to build on. Put to the back of your mind your (quite understandable) concerns that the skids are under you, and approach this, calmly and clearly, as just another work problem to solve. But do pipe up - people will assume that all is OK until you tell them otherwise (Probably also a good idea to remind them of how super-wonderful they have been on the location thing - people do like it when you catch them doing something right!)

Good luck.


Yes, all good advice so far. You do need to pipe up and remind them that you are still a valuable member of the workforce who wants and needs to do a valuable role in the company. You still have the same skills and experience that you had before the MS and surely they want to make use of that. As Alison says, they probably came up with this brilliant plan but forgot to communicate it to the people already doing the tasks you were meant to take over. (That happens a lot where I work - total lack of communication sometimes and we are left to work it out between us.)

I’m sure you will be able to smooth it all out with no problems and quickly be back to feeling like a valued member of the company again. Do let us know how you get on. Do your best to make it all sound really positive in terms of how much you appreciate what they have done so far and how you really feel the need to contribute something equally valuable. They need to know that you do have lots to offer them so they know you are not ready for the scrap heap. You should come away knowing they have got the message that MS doesn’t mean we are useless .

Tracey x

Thanks all. Looks like I will be back at the other office next week (as I work for 2 different departments - its all a little bonkers) so might mention it to my manager as I find it so much easier to talk to her than I do the guys. Today wasnt as bad as yesterday as I was out on the road for 3 hours with my boss which was great except I needed a wee as soon as we pulled off the car park and thought I was going to wee on potential clients sofas so all tea offers we off the agenda! But when we were back and it was time for me to do some typing someone tried to steal the work off me. Thank you for all your support and I will keep you updated with how I get on xx

you’ve had very good advice so far, (which is why I like this site so much!) My work mates and boss are really supportive, and always go that bit further to help me. Sometimes though I do feel a bit like a spare part, and I know it’s only because in their eyes they are doing the best for me.

Maybe it’e something like this with you, have you told them what you can do, and what is a bit difficult? You need to speak to someone you are comfortable with and set some basic ground rules for determinimg when you need help.

Sending you hugs



Thanks Freckles. Iv spoken to work and as usual it has been shrugged off. What annoys me is the main things effected are my hands legs and speach. I can still do all the dictation typing (which takes a little longer if my hands are being stupid) which I dont seem to be doing any more n i have been asked to keep in touch with our customers which would be fine if they didnt make comments like have you been on the pop this morning. They really just dont seem to understand what i find the easiest and what i struggle with xx

Have your colleagues been asked by a manager to be supportive of you because you have m.s.? And have they assumed that they should do some of your work?

Not that I am aware of. I was moved office to do purely admin but now Im there i do no admin at all. I just sit there and wait for the phone to ring and make a few calls. I feel like they are going to try and make me redunant as there is not enough work for 2 people and theres 2 full time and one part time. Id cut my hours down if i could afford to but financially its not an option x