Stupid company.... (not really MS still)

I was informed on Friday I’m being made redundant.

Everyone now has the right to individual consultation, and to appeal, but I don’t really see the point, as they’re not going to change their minds anyway.

Trouble is, I don’t drive, and they want me to go to bl**dy head office in Aldershot on Wednesday (2 hours each way by train) for this “consultation”.

I’m not going to contest my redundancy, although I do plan just to check they were aware of my illness, and that they did consider the impact of this on both my performance and flexibility (two of the criteria they used to decide who stays and who goes).

But that was it, really. I don’t feel I want/need a four-hour round-trip about it; I’ll be exhausted!

I know it’s “good” that they’re offering face-to-face, but would you travel two hours to go to this? When you already know you’ll be leaving anyway?



Can you suggest that this consultation is done by video/telephone conferencing? If this is available, it would be cheaper for the company than paying travel expenses.

Luisa x

I was answering your other post as this came up,

Very sorry about the redundency hope you are feeling ok and not to stressed, I would ring your workplace and see if theres anything they can come up with regarding this consultation, your health is important especially now with the stress of being made redundunt. Would they be able to do consultation over the phone ? would you feel happy about that ?

Take care sparkly xx

How do /did you normally keep in touch with them,was it the ways Luisa suggests?


They are suggesting that because of the personal and confidential nature of this interview, telephone would not be appropriate on this occasion.

I know exactly where they’re coming from; they don’t want me to be able to claim afterwards: “They sacked me without even having the decency to discuss it face-to-face!”

“The procedure” says things like this shouldn’t be handled remotely. But doesn’t seem to have any provision for: “What if the employee isn’t well, and agrees to waive the face-to-face bit?”



First off do you want this meeting ie if it was closer?

if you do i would speak to someone like cab as to what your rights are concerning this meeting,

do the company still have to make reasonable adjustments? I dont know a lot about employment rights/redunduncy/disability but surely they should have some responsibility to ensure you are able to have this meeting to discuss the redunduncy ?

After all this is not your fault ! xx

Hi Sparkly,

No, I’m not interested in the meeting at all. The way I see it, it’s purely a procedural exercise, so that I can’t cry: “Foul!” afterwards. But it won’t have any bearing whatsoever on the outcome, which is that I’m being made redundant.

I know it’s my right to have the meeting. But there doesn’t necessarily seem to be the right NOT to have it, if I don’t want the extra aggravation.

No point going to CAB. First off, I used to work there myself, so I’d be asking someone who didn’t know any more about it than I do. Secondly, it’s Monday: they want me to go to Aldershot on Wednesday. So am I going to get an appointment with CAB at this short notice, go to it, AND get the answer, all in time to tell the company whether I’m going or not on Wednesday (which they want to know now)?

I think even trying to squeeze in a trip to the CAB would just make things even more stressful!

At the moment, I’ve said the travelling will take me five hours (the 2 hours each way on the train, plus bus/taxi each end as well).

I’ve said I’d prefer a phone call, for what I expect to be a half hour discussion, at the absolute outside.

To cap all that, I don’t know the guy who would be interviewing me at all - he’s a very senior boss, but not one I’ve ever met. Plus apparently, the HR rep plans to dial in by phone anyway!

So basically, it would be five hours’ travel for half hour face-to-face with someone I’ve never met (and not likely to meet ever again), and HR joining by phone anyway.

The’ve said they’ll “let me know”.


Sorry about you job. If they are so keen on you attending why can’t they provide transport for you? Or can someone come to you? I can see why they need to cover themselves but if you signed something to say you had the option to go but declined that would be enough. Take care Xx

Like i said i dont really know a lot about employment/redundency rights, but i hope it all works out for you x

Completely agree Nikki!

But I suppose they still have to be careful, because if it came to light I’d waived my rights to the face-to-face because I was ill and couldn’t face the journey (which is essentially true), they might be on dodgy ground.



Well that’s there problem isn’t it. If they need to see you that badly they will pay, it will be cheaper than a tribunal! Have you tried ringing atos? I recently went through an employment tribunal and they were brilliant. Xx

They’ve agreed to do it by phone!

As I’ve never met either of the other two participants (line management or HR) anyway, I don’t think it will be a big loss not to meet them face-to-face.

It’s not as if I know them well, and it would be sad to part without saying goodbye!



Hi Tina Sounds like common sense has won the day. Well done for asking for the meeting to be done by phone. Btw I wouldn’t have wanted to go either, my walking is so poor that I wouldn’t have thought it worthwhile the effort involved in negotiating my way around unfamiliar premises. Yes, you are quite right to ask if your ms was known about and taken into consideration in the criteria. Cheryl:-)