My 17yo Son has gone to his first Festival....!

Good old Mom Taxi’s took Charlie off to his first Festival, along with his sleeping bag, pillow, and change of clothes.

His food consisted of… One bag of applies, one large multi Value bag of Quavers, 2 tins of pineapple chunks, and a chocolate roll. He chose this all by himself… as he didnt want any ‘help’.

Maybe he might appreciate what hes got at home when he comes back.

(and no… I didnt give him a can opener for his pineapple.)


HA HA!! Love it!!! (And he’ll appreciate the washing too!!) xx

My daughter is now 29 - and has been going to the Global Gathering every year since she was about 15. For the first few years - until she learnt to drive and got her own car - it was quite usual for her to phone me at some unearthly hour saying they were cold/wet/tired and wanted me to go and find them. As l suffer with insomnia - she knows l am usually awake!!

Many a time l have gone to collect her and her friends bring them home for a hot drink - bacon sandwich then let them sleep it off.

She has just called in - taken her dads best sleeping bag - raided the fridge - pinched one of my nice cushions and taken several plastic bottles of water. At least the weather looks set fair - so she is not in her wellies!!! And she is off once more to the Global Gathering.


bag of APPLES… even… doh.

haha i used to do festivals sometimes even 2 a year i just used to rough it crash in mates tents and the like. The only thing i always took was toilet roll as festival toilets are BAD!!! Like realy bad. At least that way i could find a bush if i realy had to. He will have a good giggle tho. oh and i prommis he will NOT learn the value of mums washing i never did straight back to chucking clean ironed washing on bedroom floor.

As I read your post I got a sharp memory of the dreadful smell as a rucksack full of muddy clothes was dumped on the kitchen floor.

We live in Leeds and my daughter was a regular at the Leeds festival from the age of 15. She regularly came home muddied to the eyeballs but would she take wellies – oh no, much too uncool! (Far better to have a trainer and a sock sucked off by the noxious stuff.)


aw aren’t you a little bit envious? i always feel jealous when the festival season starts although lord knows how i’d manage in a tent. and festival toilets are EVIL!

i’m going to do my best to find one that i can manage though.

i hope your son has a blast and comes home safe and sound.

carole x

@ Carole - Camp Bestival ?? Get disabled camping and access and your carer goes free too…


@ Carole - Camp Bestival ?? Get disabled camping and access and your carer goes free too…

@mrsp - where is camp bestival?

i fancy that one at port meirion. its in september and i’m fairly determined to go.

Well my daughter - went home in the early hours of Saturday - to her own bed/toilet/shower - then went back to the festival

Saturday evening. Haven’t seen her since! She is obviously now too old to ‘rough it’.