Keep everything crossed- (not M.S)

I really feel for kids these days- trying to find work experience for my son has been more of a challenge than I ever thought!!. he is hoping to do tv and film production at college so have been trying to find something in that area.boy o boy, i am so proud of him, he has mad over 50 calls and his confidence in talking to peoke has rocketed, listening to him has made me so proud, he has been so polite even though everyone has said no!!. at last we may have found one,just waiting for a confirmation email.Its in Redhill, Surry. but get this it will mean

Friday-monday at donington for Download festival

Hubby drops me and Owen at train station in birmingham on monday to travel to Redhill,

book travel lodge for 4 days

leave redhill on friday and get back to Exeter friday eve at 11pm.

we have been getting all the trains, hotel etc sorted for the last 3 hrs,and have lots of tabs open ready to book everything, just hope and pray they say yes. it would be brill as train station is 0.2 miles from the hotel and the work placement is within walking distance for Owen so it would mean i can just chill all week with small amount of walking.

Hope your all having your best day yet xx


Sounds great. I`ll keep my fingers crossed for a happy outcome.

luv Pollx

Did he get confirmation ? I really hope he has. Good luck Owen Kathryn xx

Good luck Owen. I hope he gets on great. As a parent of 4 children I Know how hard it is to get work experience. As an employer we use to take work experience people But health and safety and child protection have made this impossible, ie there has got to be at least 2 people with the child at all times, and the list of things they are not allowed to do is incredible. That now we can no long take work experience people. So I understand both sides. Do not be hard on the companies it is not always their fault.


I know its a nightmare for them and so many said they did it until a couple years ago but now only take 18 yrs and over so I take it a load of new rules came into play then- I dont blame the companies at all, its just such a shame that people are willing to give a place to the kids but cant because of rules and the kids are willing to do all they can to find a place and are being let down, why is it so obvious to the common man that there needs to be a flow between all these things- so that they work effectivly but it takes a room full of brain stormers 100’s of thousands of £ and months/years to realise it. sorry rant over

They have emailed back to say they are trying to find something for him- and as long as they can meet all the regulations he can go- so will hear next week.

Have a great weekend all- my flipping legs are shot today

so its a day on the sofa for me