2 Days to go!!

Hi all, hope this weather is fairing you well, been a while since ive been on, just wanted to say a big GOOD LUCK to my hubby and 15 yr old son, they are cycling 180 miles from Southampton- Ashwater in Devon in aid of MS society-National & west Devon/North cornwall branch and a friend was riding with them in aid of AYME for his younger brother but he broke his collar bone and is now doing the 180 miles on an exercise bike outside our local pub every day that my boys are riding. its all back roads and off road, and im the crew…lol in my dads van,

people have been very generous , the 1st night is at a school in their playing field, the second night is in a ladys back garden as the field we had was flooded in all that bad weather. and the last night is in a pub beer garden. the boys have raised nearly £500 so far that will be split between the 2 charities.

Owen, my son has wanted to ride home from his Auntie Jo’s since he was little and at last his dream is coming true. Owen has a few social difficulties and we are still in the process of trying to get some help for him, any one with a child that needs a statement but is fighting for one will know how much of a battle this is. Im so proud of him , he has panic attacks so bad he loses his memory, finds social events a real struggle but he keeps trying. One of the people that sponsored him yesterday asked if he’d be interested in a little weekend job helping with odd jobs and gardening, so he got up at 5 this morning (didnt need to start til 8.30 and she lives 2 minutes up the road) but he was so nervous he couldnt sleep. and he has gone off to work. If you know anyone that may like to sponsor them they have a just giving page

hope its ok to have added the link,

have a great weekend and ill let you know next weekend how they did.



The link doesnt seem to work from here but you can copy and paste onto a new tab and it works.