Must be all those chips you eat...

The last couple of people I’ve divulged my MS to referenced diet and the Overcoming MS regimen in the belief that it is a cure for the condition. Has anyone else had this? It has to be said that I was slightly offended by the insinuation that it is a) my poor diet that has lumbered me with this chronic health condition and b) if I just ate a few less chips and followed a healthier diet I would magically be cured!

The first person was a well meaning friend of my partner who told me she had a friend who had MS then she spent years dieting and doesn’t have it anymore. I’m aware that some people’s MS can be considered benign if they don’t experience a relapse for a long period of time, and clearly improving one’s diet can have significant health benefits but there is no scientific evidence to support altering your diet can cure MS. If only it were possible, and that easy!!

The second person was the receptionist at the doctor I just registered with. I called to make a doctors appointment and also mentioned I’d like to book in for a flu jab. She asked if I’d had a jab last year to which I replied yes, then she asked if I had an underlying health condition. I told her I had MS and she said that doesn’t make me eligible. Funny as everywhere else I’ve been have given it to me without question, and it even states on the NHS website that people with Multiple Sclerosis are eligible for a free jab. Her next comment was “Overcoming MS, have you read the book?”, which seemed a little out of context when I was trying to book an appointment not ask for her advice. The impression I got was that she was implying if I just read that book and ate a bit better I wouldn’t have to worry about MS anymore, or trouble her for a flu jab. Silly me, all this time I’ve been struggling with MS when I could have just gone on a diet and been cured!

Sorry this has been a bit of a rant, just needed to share with some people I thought might understand how condescending it feels when you get unsolicited advice. For the record I eat quite a healthy balanced diet but still enjoy a few chips now and then, life is too short to eat miserably!

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Isn’t it funny that people without MS, know all about it. They spout such shite, they actually believe they are an authority. As you have said lovely, their is advice is total bollocks & if such a diet was endorsed or proven to ‘cure’ us, we would all have tried it. Occasional naughtiness is indeed allowed & just nod to them, condescendingly, preferably whilst eating a chip!!! xx


Oh FFS, Overcoming bollux more like. There is no magical ‘cure’ for MS. I know some people swear by their specific diet having helped their symptoms. Good luck to them. I eat fairly healthily, but have been known to eat burgers and chips. And drink my fair share of gin and wine.

I do not believe people ‘should’ avoid gluten, or indeed anything else. Neither do I think a paleo diet, the Swank diet (even though the name makes me laugh!), or any other specific diet is going to make me able to walk. Good luck to anyone who follows specific diets, but I don’t think they can cure their MS that way.

My diet didn’t give me MS, nor did it make my symptoms worse. In the main it’s reasonably healthy, but I still eat proper bread, and butter, and animals, and chips. I also eat plenty of vegetables and some fruit.

I’m with you Janie. And how dare a Drs receptionist try to give you heath advice, bloody cheek.



As the wonderful H.L. Mencken once said, ‘For every complex problem, there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong.’

People do love an easy answer, don’t they? Particularly when it’s something they know Jack Sprat about. Other people’s problems are always such a breeze to solve!

I’m sorry you have had an onslaught of inappropriateness and stupidity. You’ll be waiting for the third thing now, won’t you? :slight_smile:


Thanks for your replies and support, very welcome! I’ve got quite a thick skin for this sort of thing, I think it was the ignorance that bugged me! Sometimes people without MS can’t understand the myriad other things we have to deal with as a result of our condition and I worry if I’ve misjudged a situation… Really good to know it’s not just me this stuff bugs!

I’d like to add that as part of a balanced diet I also enjoy cakes, wine and cheese. Perhaps that’s what I’ll say to the third person who quacks to me about MS and diet.

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your chemist can give you the flu jab so stuff the know it all doctor’s receptionist!!

little bloody hitlers!

if tracey DC says eat chips, then eat them, she’s a dietician.

and approves of gin!

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I just rolled my eyes so hard they hurt (even more).

Please feed back to the GP surgery in writing about your experience - a receptionist must not be giving out “advice” like this. I wonder what other duff info she’s giving out.


TraceyDC is my diet guru. If TDC says it’s OK then it’s OK. And if TDC says it’s crap, then it’s crap. She’s a highly qualified dietician. Who just happens to like gin. A bit.


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Hello all,

Isnt MS an auto immune condition? Doesn’t having an auto immune condition qualify you for a free flu jab?

just saying.

You have my sympathy, after having diabetes for more than 50 years I do tend to get fed up hearing the " it’s because you ate to many sweets as a child" Like MS type 1 diabetes is autoimmune, so go figure.

thank you Sue & Carole, I do believe us 3 are true examples of what benefits Gin most certainly has, we are happy add some chips, ecstatic!!! Life’s far too short to be pondering on this & thats, a little bit of what you fancy is fine, I’d rather be a happy Mser, than a really miserable 1, because I had restricted myself because of idiotic comments & suggestions from people who know fin nowt about living with this delightful ailment. Tell them to bugger off, Dr’s receptionists are experts in answering phones, telling you there are no more appointments for the next 6 months & handing out sample bottles, that’s why their receptionists & not Dr’s. Next time madam misery arse is so rude, do remind them of that lovely. xx

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Most definitely complain about her. Then send her the most unhealthy gift you can think of in the hope it gives her MS she thinks unhealthy food gave you, then she’ll know better than give out ridiculous unqualified advice. Jan quietly seething x

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What an absolute load of codswalluping, inappropriate and totally insensitive lunacy. For what it’s worth, I have gained about 4 stones since diagnosis (and I was already built for comfort not speed beforehand) after going from an avid fellwalker and manically overworked career woman to sofa surfer. And guess what ? My MS is no worse but I’m a LOT happier not depriving myself of ice cream and chocolate !!! It’s funny how those who know least, are the most opinionated. I would certainly making a complaint to the practice manager. “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain


Some excellent quotes being shared, must remember them! (That of course means writing them down somewhere, foggy memory will never cope!).

Thanks for all your messages of support and for sharing my indignation. I saw the doctor today, who was by contrast lovely. I mentioned my experience with the receptionist and he thanked me for my feedback asking if I knew exactly who it was.

Nice to reconnect with the MS community.

I’ve tried it all, eating healthy, cutting out drink, exercise, CBD oil, Sativex, uppers, downers, fairy dust.

There really isnt a magic cure

Accepting it and trying to stay positive is probably better than anything else.

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Where do you source your fairy dust from? I’ve tried to find a reliable dealer but apparently there aren’t any genuine fairies (of the small dancing round toadstool type, no ambiguity intended here) in my village. There was a rumour that there were some with dust on sale (again no ambiguity intended - only the legal kind of fairy dust wanted) in the next village, but nope.

So even if fairy dust were a ‘cure’ for MS, I can’t get hold of any. Probably another NICE casualty!


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The boffins are putting everything into artificial intelligence, which is why there is so much natural stupidity.

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When my twin sisters depart after visiting they always say “Is there anything we can get you” ?

I reply “Oh just Jesus”?..

He cured the Leppers didn’t he? Well I need him, if you see him? If only…

Many people think that m.s. is treatable if not curable. I think this is because periodically details of ‘cures’ appear in the press.

If I gave my source everyone on here would be banging on “twinkles” door.

It dont bloody work anyway, just made me have funny legs, or was that the MS