Music Festivals

Hi, was just wondering if anyone has been to any of the music festivals and how you found it? I really want to go to one this year but thought i’d get advice before getting a ticket. :slight_smile:

hi katie

i went to festival no 6 at portmeirion in september.

it has very uneven paths but luckily i had my hiking pole.

it would have been better if i’d booked for disabled camping

wherever you are going make sure you book as disabled, most venues are catering for us. you can also get a free pass for a carer.

hiking poles are great for keeping your balance, cost around £6 each from go outdoors

have fun, get it booked because you’ll never know if you dont try it.

carole x

I have been to Reading and guilfest, will go to more when i get the chance. Their is always too many people not enough loos. But that is what most festivals are like. They are great fun with your mates. They do get muddy and uneven to walk around but i always have fun their.

Depends what festival you are planning on going to. All the folk festivals i have been to, have been very accomodating and have made sure that all my needs were met. Just make sure you tell them you are disabled and what your needs are when you book your tickets. Go for it, you only live once, love Bex xxx

Hello Katierosss

I was involved with Berkofest (little festival at Berkhamsted). Biggest problem will always be the loos as was the case there. We assigned one loo for disabled and they could queue jump to front for that loo. We only had about 5 registered disabled with nearly 4,000 there.

My advice is go for it, but do try to talk to organisers before buying a ticket.

Places like O2 have wheelchair areas/seats. At Berkofest there was no reserved areas for disabled or wheelchairs.

There are festivals that are very ‘disabled aware’ I think Cambridge folk festival falls into that category. There are also organisations that take disabled people to festivals but these are for people with serious disabilities.

Best advice - contact the festrival organisers first of all

Thanks for all the advice :slight_smile: The festival i’m looking to go to is Download festival so i’m just worried about the tiredness really, think i’m going to go for it and get a ticket :slight_smile: