Going to a festival, need advice

Hi folks, I used to be well into going to festivals, then MS struck and I haven’t been for 5 years. Now I’m on a scooter and thinking of going on a day ticket to a small festival to see how it goes. This are some questions I have for people who go to festivals on a scooter: What do you do in the arena / tent when everyone is dancing? Do you stay at the back while your able bodied friends dance? Or do you go in the middle of everyone and not be able to see and spend time looking at everybody’s waists? Or do you go to the front? Or down the side? The whole thing is starting to give me anxiety. I don’t want my friends to have a (removed by moderator) time because they’re hanging around me or not dancing because I can’t. Please share with me your festival experiences! Thanks Please share your festival experiences with me. Thank you xx

Hi, I would like to know if any body used Fambrya and how can i get it? pls let me know

Dance with the upper part if the legs don’t work.

Just go and enjoy it. Don’t worry about others. Real friends understand.

Enjoy yourself.

Rock on.

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Sorry I have no experienced advice but as ever I do have an opinion.

I get what you are saying about affecting your mates fun BUT as in most things MS it is about choosing your compromise and flexibly mixing it up if possible. By that I mean, if you can spend some time in the thick of it , dance as best you can with a restricted view with your mates, then get one to go with you to the side or back. I would like to think (maybe naively) that it might be possible to mix and match a bit so that you all get to share a great time. If you go and work it out you can share the info back here, if you go and it is a massive fail, don’t do it again, but if you don’t go and try , you will never know.

Good luck whichever way you choose.