Disabled Access?

Hello All :slight_smile:

Can anyone pls help me with this question pls? Can you tell me if there are any ‘Disabled Access and Disabled places’ for ppl that are ‘Disabled’ when we would go to a Music Festival, such as ‘Tomorrow Land’ or a ‘Theatre Concert/Show’ and how do you go about organising it pls?

I would really love to try and go to these things but would imagine the pushing/squeezing of ppl there, well it would make it all impossible :frowning:

So has anyone ever done anything like this?

Would love to hear your views pls and i would be grateful for all replies…


Anna x

Hi Anna,

Just put in a search engine. Tomorrowland accessibility.

Theatres and cinemas usually offer an access card so that the carer gets a complementary ticket.

Each venue offers their own card so just look on the websites.

Vue cinema is part of the CEA card scheme. Just need to fill in the form, send proof of your disability (PIP form), a photo and sometimes some ££.

National Trust have an access for all card, just apply through the website. You don’t have to be a member.

Good luck and have fun!



Hi Anna

Generally with these things, you’ll need to contact the venue directly. For two of the main theatres/concert venues where I am, I’ve shown them a copy of my DLA letter. They have this on record, so they know I’m eligible for a discount ticket plus a free one for a carer. At other venues, I just need to show them a copy of my DLA letter.

Venue websites usually have something on their websites about accessibility. If not, phone them. Gig venues or festivals often have a raised platform for disabled people.



Anna - most places are very good and if you give them a call or email - they usually respond - just check accessibility on their web page

Hi Anna

In the last month I have been to the theatre in London and to a concert in the O2 Arena at Greenwich. Both were at very discounted prices with a free ticket for my companion (carers ticket). I arranged both events direct with the venues who were super helpful both before and during the events. I had unrestricted views from the viewing platform at the O2 and was very close to the stage at the theatre.

I don’t have an access card but both venues just wanted sight of my DLA certificate or blue badge by email. As has previously been suggested, a call or email to the venue in the first instance should help. I used a combination of buses, taxis and the underground to get around (I use a wheelchair) and the Transport for London website is very useful in providing accessibility information and planning journeys with step free access. Good luck

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