Concessionary passes

I live in Scotland so this may turn out to be a Scotland only thing or maybe something the MS Society offer.

I was talking to someone the other day about how someone else was able to concessionary access to events. Not sure about the details around the event or even the pass. The jist of it was this person showed a pass as proof of disability and was able to gain discounted entry. The only concessionary/disability pass I’ve ever heard of is the National Entitlement Card (I use national loosely as parts of it only apply within Strathclyde) and I’ve not heard of them being used for anything else other than travelling.

Has anyone ever heard of any type of pass like this? I’m just pondering as I’m not sure if this person was pulling my leg or not, or even if the person they were talking about was talking out of their ass and had something that didn’t actually exist. By the sounds of the story the original person was being rather vague about what kind of pass they had.

If such thing does exist I think more people should be aware of it, if it doesn’t, well, some people deserve to have bad thing done to them.

I hope this made some sense, it’s very early or late and I’m half asleep

i heard of this when someone was planning to go to spain and wondered if there was some such pass to cover the whole of europe.

i dont think there is though

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I always keep a copy of my DLA award in my bag and show it anywhere that may give a concession eg museums, cinemas etc.It’s surprising how often you can get a discount.

When we’ve been abroad many places just give a discount when they see me walking badly or in my wheelchair.

I suppose it’s usually my hubby, as my carer that gets the discount; it must be part of the places accessibility policy - if he wasn’t with me I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the activity/event.

We always say if you don’t ask you don’t get - they can only say no!

Sarah x

From what I understand this person’s mobility wasn’t that bad and was not in any condition that required a carer. I’m sure it was a pass they were talking about rather than an award letter. We even asked one of the nurses and even she didn’t know.

With PIP coming into full effect now which I’m highly unlikely to get as I couldn’t even get DLA even when I’ve appealed. My jobcentre adviser told me to at least apply for PIP, she said DLA but that’s long since past, and see what happens. I have done this I’m just waiting on the forms and then requiring a helluva lot of help to fill it properly.

I just get a little frustrated and a little peeved that people, more so those than I know that have less disability than me, are able to get benefits and no matter how many times I apply for things I get told no.

If you are not already a member I would highly recommend Benefits and Work website who have excellent guides for PIP applications. It’s well worth the £20.00 p/a fee.

just remembered the post i was referring to was talking about ID cards which most european countries require their citizens to have.

the person said that this ID card gave discounts to various places.

i’m just confusing it all

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Thanks for the info. It looks like it could be very helpful