bus pass info needed pls?


Just needed info on my bus pass pls if you can guys?

I have one cos i have MS but I need to know this please - are they only valid in the town tht i live in or can i use them over the UK too pls? I live in wales.

Ty on advance for all info given

Thnx Anna x

Hi Sorry to hijack post where do you get bus passes from and what’s the criteria x

Hi Anna

I think it depends on the area you live. I think my pass allows me travel in South Yorkshire but that’s it. Speak to whoever it was that issued it to find out for certain.

(And Em, if you call the information desk at your local bus station, they should be able to help. To qualify you’ll probably need something like receipt of Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment)



Anna. I do believe if you have a welsh bus pass you can travel free around Wales (not all the UK) on the local bus services and it’s the same for english bus passes that can travel aroung England.

Arriva states about border crossings:

People living in Wales can also use their passes to travel free on cross-boundary journeys in and out of England, providing the journey starts or finishes in Wales. (Passes are not valid between Carmarthen and Cardiff on service 20 as this isn’t categorised as a ‘local service’ under the regulations).

Happy travelling (in Wales).


From your local council.

Here in Leeds you can get one along with your blue badge. You need to be disabled – I suspect that in many places DLA or PIP is used to determine criteria.

You can also get them with a carer allowed so that not only you but the person looking after you can travel on the pass.


Hi In Scotland you are entitled to a bus pass if you are in receipt of middle rate care component of dla. I’m sure there are also other benefits that give you entitlement to a bus pass but I’m not sure what those are. With mid rate care you are entitled to a bus pass which also allows you a companion for free too. Your bus pass gives you free travel all over Scotland. A M