Can Scottish peeps get passes for England?


I have the joy of a bus pass in Scotland.  I'm going to London by train (I have the disabled rail card) next month and was wondering if there's was something I can apply for to help me with my husband while we're there.  I'm on higher rate care and mobility.

Any help or tips appreciated!



Hi Amanda,


If you phone Benefits Enquiry Line 0800 882200 they will advise.



Hiya Amanda

I know your question is a serious one-I hope you get some response cos I dont know.

BUT, if you pay £5 per person at the border to me then I will let you through.......tounge

Ellie x (joking, I just loved your heading/question!)


I am almost certain that the answer is no.

English bus passes cannot be used in Scotland, except on certain cross border services (eg. Berwick - Galashiels) and likewise Scottish bus passes cannot be used in England.

You will need to buy a travelcard or oyster card.  Which ticket is best for you depends on how long you are staying for, and exactly where you will be travelling.







Oh I don't think we allow Scots in do we?!! nervous