bus pass

sorry for going anon on this one but when you have ms does it entitle you to a bus pass?...was told it does but that was from someone who has no experience of any ill health


(only gone anon due to age..only in mid forties and feel embarresed asking blush)

Im in my mid fourties to but I never care what others think about me.

You can get a free buspass if you get higher rate mobility.


These days entitlement as you call it depends on the specific policy of the local authority that issues the passes.
Most authorities differ in one way or another and with the cut backs some have changed the criteria or definition of disability to save money.

I live in London and my borough provides freedom passes which allow travel on both the underground, over ground and busses.
My borough ask disabled people to undertake a walking test.

Personally I don't use my freedom pass because I cannot walk to the bus stop and most tube stations are inaccessible anyway.

Even if I could get to the bus or tube I would usually be to exhausted to travel.

I would check with your local authority and ask them.



Hi Anonymous !

I also live in a London Borough and get a "freedom" pass but, like  as someone has already said, I can't use it because most underground and overground stations are inaccessible to people with walking difficulties !  

I can use it on buses but getting to bus stops is  a problem and finding a seat is sometimes impossible ! (Made even more difficult by able bodied and elderly passengers taking up the , so called, "disabled only" seats !)

Good luck !




I'm in my midthirties, on low rate mobility & middle rate care, and qualify for a bus pass with a 'plus one'.  I wouldn't imagine that simply having a dx of MS would entitle you to a pass - it would depend on how your MS has affected you... (I think).