Free Bus Pass as medically can't Drive

Hi all, just seen a thread re dvla revoking driving licence. Reminded me that free bus passes are available to anyone medically unfit to drive, regardless of age.

DVLA revoked my driving licence & traffic regs enabled me to apply for free bus pass. It’s a way of getting out & about, adds another transport choice to my list: taxis, trains, boats & planes and now buses.

Thanks Chrissie, I wasn’t aware of that but it’s quite reassuring to know for when I feel unable to drive. Hopefully it won’t be for a good few years yet though.

Cath xx

Interesting Chrissie, thank you! Nina x

Good info Chrissie. Here in London anyone on high level DLA mobility payment can get the Freedom Pass that gives you free use of any transport in London. I have one but unfortunately can’t get on buses or tube anymore… damn shame really… and just realised that I would get one now anyway as I’m over 60. Ah well… Pat xx

Nice to know I had no idea this was available

Where I live free bus passes are available if you have dvla higher rate mobility. I would imagine its nation wide.

In this village we get about one bus an hour, that probably doesn’t go where you want to anyway. Plus I’m not sure they have wheelchair platforms- though do they all have to by law now? Don’t know. Anyway, we are heavily dependent on our car. Good to know that free passes are there for us, though. I’ll be 60 in two weeks time. Do I still get one then? Lots of questions. My brain hurts…

In our area, higher rate mobility qualifies you for a companion bus pass so that the person accompanying the traveller is also covered. Once issued I believe it is valid nationwide.