Bus pass

Hi, I wondered if anyone could advise me please. I have a driving licence (3yr) but at the moment I don’t have a car, just on friends insurance for their car ( I don’t drink so I come in useful on the occasional nights out) I haven’t driven for some time as I don’t feel safe now and I wondered if I could get a bus pass if I surrender my licence?

i have no concentration, pain in hands, arms, feet and at the moment although I look normal ( healthy) I feel far from it. I walk so slowly, can’t judge distances when I’m walking, for instance if something is a shadow or a step and when I’m crossing the road I quite often get half way across then wonder where I am going or was there anything coming .

If I surrendered my license for medical reasons could I ever get it back should I get better( been waiting to get better since 2011, eternally the optimist)

any advice greatly appreciated and please excuse the grammar and spellings


Different local councils it seems have different criteria for a disabled persons bus pass. I applied for mine two years ago, it got rejected and I appealed then it was granted. I don’t own a car as I lost my confidence driving over 10 years ago and live on my own.

May be your local council website might explain the criteria needed for the bus pass.

Hi Lynn

As far as I know, whether you actually have a driving licence plays no part in whether you’re eligible for a bus pass. You’re either disabled enough, or you’re not - whether you’d be legally allowed to drive has nothing to do with it.

So if you have a valid driving licence - which could be so useful in an emergency, even if you think you’ll never use it - please don’t surrender it in the belief you’ll somehow magically get a bus pass. You won’t - unless you could have anyway, and kept the driving licence.

As Lenney says, I think it varies from council to council, but round here you have to be in receipt of the higher rate mobility component of PIP (or DLA for those who are still on it).

For me, that means I wouldn’t be able to get a bus pass until I couldn’t get to the bus stop under my own steam any more - so totally pointless.

I don’t have a driving licence, and never have had - not through ill health, but because I never learnt. Unfortunately, the fact you don’t have another option plays no part at all in whether you qualify - it’s purely on how highly you “score” for disability.

I think that is likely true everywhere, even though some councils might accept a lower disability threshold than others. You’re not even asked about driving licences - it’s irrelevant.



I have a bus pass, but can’t use it cos I can walk to the bus stop xxx

Thanks for the replies. I’ll look into it further and see what I can find out from local council etc. thank you

If you have one, why can’t you use it, Folksongs?

I would not qualify for a pass until I could no longer walk to the bus stop - thus rendering it pointless, as I don’t have a relative or carer to take me.

However, if you’ve already cleared that hurdle (no pun intended) and got the damn pass, who is the bus driver to determine you don’t qualify?

Surely, once the council has determined you’re eligible, you’re eligible? You don’t have to prove to every bus driver that you can’t walk - you just need a valid pass.



Sorry, it’s just occurred to me it may have been a typo, and you meant you can’t walk to the bus stop?

In that case, that would be me exactly - i.e. IF I ever qualified it would mean I’m too bad to use it!



Yeah, it was a typo lol. I meant to say that I can’t walk to the bus xxx

Thanks for clearing that up, and sorry for any confusion - I should have realised.

I did think it was remarkably restrained of you to have a bus pass, but not use it because you can walk! LoL!

One of my old college mates asked: “But aren’t you entitled to a bus pass?”

I explained that no, I wouldn’t qualify until I could no longer walk to the bus stop. He laughed his head off - not unkindly - he just thought it was the stupidest Catch-22 he’d ever heard of. It’s a good job I’ve got a sick sense of humour too, otherwise I might get offended that people think it’s funny.




reading these replies have made think!

when you get to the stage that u cant walk to bus stop (or anywhere else for that matter) then u probably will get a powerchair eventually then u will have buggies and shopping trolleys to fight with!

i have been on bus today and the driver had to say several times-wait til i let the lady on wheel chair off! dont folk wonder why he was getting out his warm comfy seat in the first place?! it used to upset me-not now-nothing surprises me about my fellow humans!


I dont know what part of the country you live in,but ive just recently renewed my bus pass here in leeds.

I had to go to the local council office and get a form send them a copy of award letter as i wanted a companion pass this alows the holder to take someone with them free also i had to have this part filled in by my gp to say that i needed help whilst out and about,i also had to send a picture and if your unable to get into a photo booth send a clear head n shoulder pic and they can scan it onto the card.

It too a few weeks to jump through all the hoops but i eventually got my pass,first bus also have a scheme that lets you take a small scooter on public transport, an inspector brought a bus to a stop near me watched me getting on and off making sure i could do it safely the gave me a pass that means i can use my scooter to get out and about.

As others have said theres no need to surrender your licence you might need it if only for I D contact your local council they will point you in the right direction.