Driving licence

A renewal form came today but I can’t do it online.

I haven’t got the right sort of disability!

My instinct drives me (pun intended) to renew it even though I’ll probably sit behind the wheel again.

Is it a pride thing? Yes!

Best wishes. Steve.

Get it out the way Steve. The roads aren’t just for boy racers & taxis. My so called helpers hate it, now I’m driving again. I can go where I want, when I want again & don’t have to listen to someone who scares me senseless. Explaining how they are the worlds best driver. True independence!

My 3 year licence is due for renewal in March 2020.

Take it easy out there Steve.

Terry’s Taxi is still in service.

Steve if you still feel that you could get behind the wheel and drive the car if you either wanted or needed to go somewhere you should apply again. I never thought they’d renew mine as my medication list is truly scary but they did, and gave me a five year licence. I’m very grateful as I live in the middle of nowhere and there’s not even a bus service to the village. Even if you don’t need to drive, just knowing you can is a reassurance. I’ve changed to an automatic car as my left side is weak and I know when I’m not capable of driving.

You’re a sensible guy Steve and would never risk either your life of that of any other road user. Don’t let the DVLA decide that for you. Take care

Cath x


I have never cancelled mine, you never know I might get better . I doubt I will ever drive again I ave trouble enough wih the wheelchair, Don


I badly wanted to get my driving skills back , I missed driving most of all but I have a conscious and Lee said he didn’t think I was safe …so I rang them up and asked for an assessment…this is a few years ago . I went to the centre and did the cognitive skills tests …this involved putting numbers on a clock face ect . Next I went in the static car to test reflexes ect , brakes light on and off and all the things you need sufficient strength for. Then came the real car …I was out with real traffic, hadn’t experienced this for a couple of years …it was awful I felt as if I was in slow motion and could think straight even to do simple round about manoeuvres…Lee was unfortunately right and they said I wasnt safe to drive. I felt very sad but had they not done that I would have felt tempted to give it a go . They didn’t say never but get to in touch again if I felt as if I was getting better. I grieve this more than walking . I’ve kept my old license as a souvenir. I’ll never forget the day I passed but I’d never forgive myself if I injured someone . I still feel sad over having had my driving stopped , I think how useful it would have been being able to pick up Naomi and Laura my twin granddaughters and how much more useful I’d be to the family …but it’s not to be If I ever got my waking back as in a complete recovery being able to run and walk up hills and take molly to the gym and do all the mum things , I’d know I’d be ready to ask for my licence back . Funny how life is …maybe just keep it as a souvenir Steve . Michelle and Frazer xx

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I meant to say I couldn’t think straight

Once I knew my feet had stopped working, that is, lost the ability to coordinate the accelerator, brake and clutch. I stopped driving and got reassessed through RDAC. Sold the manual and bought an adapted automatic. It took about a year to realise what was happening to me and then time to readjust and learn to drive again. It didn’t seem the end of the world then and now I seem to use my car mainly for hospital appointments. If you live in a supportive environment then things don’t seem so bad.

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