80s music festival

Hi all

i am going to a two days 80s music festival in early September (ABC, hot chocolate, billy ocean, 5 star, human league, Jason donavan and loads more). I specified I am a wheelchair user when I booked the tickets. I will be staying overnight at a friends house, who luckily lives 5 miles away from the venue, and i am now getting very excited.

i just thought I would ask if anyone on here has been to a weekend festival who uses a wheelchair if they had any tips or advice on what I should take or not take (toilet roll and wet wipes, maybe a rug for my knees ??? Have never been to a music festival before so any suggestions would be very appreciated.

i think shoulder pads are obligatory…!



No never been to one but if Midge Ure is playing give him a wave from me and i hope you have a great time and dont forget the hairspray for the big hair. Katy

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