Muscle twitches

I’ve just been diagnosed and I experience muscles twitches especially in legs and arms, sometimes face. I have no muscle weakness or anything. I’ve read online it can happen but ms nurse said it’s uncommon. Does anyone else have these? I’m so worried about everything I’m an anxious mess. My relapse has gotten much better though so I am improving. I also have internal vibrations in my leg which has gotten better.

ah bless you its a difficult time when first diagnosed. Yes i believe it is uncommon but hey i am not a neurolgoist, but it can be down to things like low magnesium so perhaps ask you doctor to test you for things like that and see if it is a simple fix?

I do have however, internal vibrations in my leg which is bizarrely weird and i dont have relapses i have PPMS.

Hopefully you will continue to get strong after your relapse. xxx

I have the vibrations and the periodic twitches. They don’t happen all the time, but when I do get them they eventually start driving me nuts because they just won’t stop! Usually the twitches are only on my left side, and sometimes you can actually see the muscles jumping around. It’s made for some great party conversation!