Mum passed away

My mum was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS 18 years ago when she was 39 years old. Her life changed drastically over this time. Started with little things like tingling and tiredness. Through to bigger things like breaking bones due to falls, having to stop working and driving and in the last few years no longer being able to walk or stand at all. Suffering from numerous infections seeing her in and out of hospital. She managed to overcome being critically ill in April this year having suffered from pneumonia and sepsis. On Thursday she was discharged from hospital after fighting off her second bout of pneumonia. Sadly after years of suffering, my mum passed away late Monday night. My family are in complete shock and are devastated. Back in April when she was critical, I decided to sign up to run a 10k in support of the MS Society. This race is taking place August 5th. If you can help me, I would appreciate any donations. I am determined to raise as much money as possible to raise awareness of MS and to contribute towards much needed research into this awful condition. Thank you. Xx

Claire2104 I am so sorry to hear about what your mum has been through and that she has now passed away! My deepest sympathy is with you and your family! Its an amazing idea to do the 10k run especially when this has just happened to you and for you to be thinking of ways to help others suffering from this awful disease is absolutely incredible! Your link however isn’t one that can be used I’m afraid it needs to be highlighted in blue to be able to click on it if you could fix that I will gladly donate!!! Again I’m so sorry! Take care Laura

Scrap that im sorry ive just copied amd pasted and found it!

Hi Claire

I’m sorry to read this - not just about her passing away, but how MS affected her. I know there’s nothing really I can say that will bring comfort to your pain, but you have my sympathy and prayers.


god bless you claire.

your mum is out of her pain and her nightmare now.

she is at peace.

wishing you peace of mind.

So sorry to hear this Claire, this bloody disease affects everyone. Your very brave in your determination to raise money for much needed research, all the very best to all of you & good luck with the fund raising. People like you are stars. xx

Hi Claire,

So very sorry to hear about your Mum please accept my condolences.

As Carole says your Mum is out of her pain and nightmare now and is at peace.

Thoughts and Prayers

Twinkle Toes x

P.S. I will send a donation to the MS Society.

sincere condolences.

Hi Claire, I am so sorry to hear about your Mum. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time.

Good luck with the fund raising. Take care. Sue xx

so sorry to hear about your Mum,shes at peace now,after her very long fight.sending you and your family lots of love and prayers.

I’m so sorry for your loss. Your mum seemed like a strong women.

She is free from pain . Stay strong.