Death within 16 years?

Hi Ms community.

My mum (52) is dying with advanced MS after being diagnosed 16 years ago (at age 36).

Has anyone ever heard or had experience with such a marked decline?

My family and I can’t believe it.

So sorry to hear about your Mum. Sobering news for all of us :cry:

It’s the inconvenient truth. Statistics are cold and hard. Some will “beat” the odds, some will fare worse. It’s not nice but personally, I’d rather know what I’m up against.

Others may not, in which case, DO NOT click the link.
Life Expectancy in MS

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I’m sorry to hear this. Has she been covid jabbed ? Side effects have been recorded where symptoms have been accelerated…

Thinking of you

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Hi, who said your mum is dying? this is an unusual thing to say. Or does Mum have other conditions too?

I’ve had PPMS for 25 years. Been a ta 8.5 on Mcdonald criteria for yonks. I’m 70.

I rely on hubby and carers for most things.

What’s your Mum’s symptoms.

This is awful.

Bless you

That is a sad situation for you and your family. I am very sorry. Life can be very cruel.

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Yeah she got her vaccines and she recently had covid which the doctors think accelerated her MS

She’s been in and out of hospital all year. We thought this was just another admission and she would get put right and sent home again. Unfortunately this isn’t the case :pensive:.

In this short period of time she got covid, stopped eating and drinking (whether the cause is neurological or due to new onset confusion is unclear) but the medics feel she’s reached the “end of her MS journey.”

I’m so sorry.

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Firstly I am so sorry to read your situation.
Secondly, my step-mum recently passed away with the cause of death listed as Pneumonia and MS.
She had been declining over the past year and a half and her preliminary diagnosis was cancer. Due to her deteriorated state at that point (she was very thin, couldn’t use legs or right arm), they decided not to have further tests to properly diagnose it or even treat it.
So she eventually stopped eating and then drinking, and needed to be kept on morphine until she was at peace.
She had lost the ability to speak by the end and couldn’t swallow, was unable to move from the neck down.

She was diagnosed at age 30 and passed away at age 54.

I don’t know that I have any advice I can give. My Mum and my Dad also have MS and so I am terrified that the same thing will happen to them.

All I can offer is someone to talk to if you want to talk through what is happening or if you have any questions about what to expect.

Here if you need anything x

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I’m sorry to hear about your step-mum too. It truly is a terrible disease that takes away all dignity.

Unfortunately my mum passed away in January. She was 52 years old. It’s painful to think how she suffered. that was the worst part of all for me.

That’s quite a lot of people you know with MS - and BOTH your parents too?

I hope the situation is not too bad and I too am here if you need a chat. X

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My mum also had an accelerated decline, which was very unfair.

I have no words of comfort I’m afraid, I wish I did.

Sending hugs and love xxxxx