Hi all just wondering if anyone can shed some light? I was diagnosed with post viral gastroparesis 8 months ago which has resolved completely. However I woke up 2 months ago with a numb finger which progressed to numb fingers on both hands and a numb thigh then full body pins and needles (head to toe) and full body muscle twitching and burning. Numbness resolved after some time but I still have constant pins and needles and muscle twitches. Comes and goes but mostly all day everyday. Also one week after numb fingers started I had a severe headache which was like being electrocuted in one spot and that lasted for 2 weeks. I’ve seen many doctors and had every blood test possible (all normal) I’ve also had head and c spine mri both normal. Saw a neurologist and he wasn’t sure so I got a second opinion and second neurologist thinks it’s due to a slipped disc in c spine. However he said that wouldn’t explain headache so can’t be sure really. My question is does anyone have any experience with gastroparesis being a symptom of MS? I just can’t see how a slipped disc would cause whole body symptoms. Anyway I guess I’m in the wait and see basket which is a very difficult place to be. Would love to just accept it’s a neck issue but very hard to ignore it when pins and needles are driving me crazy and it’s been 4 months now. Was planning on trying for a second child but I’m just worried I have MS. If it is MS is it likely to become obvious in the near future? Many thanks for listening


Limboland is probably the worst part of MS; knowing something is wrong but no learned person will give it a name. Your post viral gastroparesis might be your way in but the jury is out on that one.

I point you towards that is a complaint that mimics MS symptoms; one of the differences being possible very bad headaches.

Even if it is MS, remember it is not a stop sign; its traffic humps.