Advice please


Looking for a little advice please. Symptoms started 14th Feb 2016. Woke up with headache and numb arms. Feeling eventually came back but left with weakness and pins and needles. Went to GP, referred for both CT and MRI (both clear). Neuro confused by symptoms, currently waiting on follow up. Symptoms are,



twitches (visible)



pins and needles


these symptoms are 24/7, I cannot emphasise this enough, they NEVER go away.

Does anyone else have this?


Hmmm, hotchpot of symptoms there!

Heartburn could be indigestion…or acid reflux…I take lansoprazole to stop the build up of acid and they work great!

Headache could be stress, caused by wondering what the chuff`s going on…understandable!

Pins and needles could be neurological.

Twitches and tremor could be as above.

Your neuro has done the usual tests, but diagnosis can be difficult and he may need more tests.

It took me years to get a dagnosis of PPMS…then it was overturned some years later to HSP…hereditary spastic paraplegia.

Do you have any walking problems?

Hang in there hun…I know how you feel.


Hi Alyf

The trouble is that with a list of symptoms as you’ve given us, we probably all have at least one of these. Some of them could have neurological causes, or maybe not. Some could have gastric causes, or maybe not. As Poll has said, some could be caused by stress.

Within the general cornucopia that is MS, there are many, many symptoms. We don’t all have them all and some have symptoms that are caused by MS abut are very rare.

No one on this forum can second guess the doctors you’ve seen. All any of us can do is really sympathise with your current situation. It’s miserable having a whole load of things wrong with you, for which the doctors can’t find a label. And the only advice is to keep talking to your doctors. I know it makes you feel like you’re presenting as a hypochondriac, but truly, the doctors can only help if you keep talking to them and insisting on tests until eventually (and it could be a long wait) you get something diagnosed and hopefully some treatment.

What you could do in the meantime is start to keep a diary of how you feel on a daily basis. If you use a tablet or a smart phone you can get a diary app. Otherwise, just a notebook. That’s how I started my own health diary about 5 years ago. You don’t need to write in it every day, but it helps to be able to compare one day from another, one symptom from another and to identify when something starts and when it ends.


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