Please give me some advice :)

Hi, I am currently 22 (23 in May) and for the past few months, starting around September 2019 I started struggling with my health that my GP’s refused to take seriously as I suffer from Anxiety. It started with swallowing difficulties & breathing difficulties, I was feeling like I couldn’t swallow properly and would get food stuck in my throat, and my breathing was due to my chest and back feeling super tight. I then started having severe numbness & pins + needles sensations that travelled up my entire arm and I panicked and my mum took me to A&E. I had blood tests, an ECG & a chest x-ray which all came back clear, no issues with my heart etc. My symptoms seemed to just get worse & nobody took me seriously so I started to doubt what I was experiencing and didn’t want to go to the doctors anymore. However, I did go back and was sent to an asthma nurse, everything was fine. I then got sent for more blood tests due to the continuation of symptoms mentioned above, extreme vertigo & balance issues, as well as pains around my body. They all came back clear, except for my folate levels being low & I have been on folic acid tablets since November of last year. I thought everything would be fine & just improve, however I am still suffering & things are getting worse. The sensations such as pins & needles, numbness aren’t going away, and come & go daily. My balance is really bad right now, and I find it difficult to walk without stumbling & have fallen pretty hard these past few days alone. My legs feel like jelly & I have been jolting (?) the past few days when I try to walk, almost like when you jolt before you fall asleep, as well as having severe muscle cramps in my hands and my right leg. My swallowing hasn’t improved, and for the past 6 days I’ve had a migraine that refuses to go, despite taking medication for that. I have also, these past few days been experiencing facial twitching, one in my eyebrow that comes & goes daily, and one that was on the right side of my tongue two days ago that hasn’t come back since. I know I need to go to the doctor, and I plan to very soon but I would just like some advice as if these symptoms seem like MS? I don’t want to jump to conclusions, or self diagnose, but I have a friend with MS who experiences similar symptoms and she told me that I might have it so I thought I would come to a place where people have experience and give me some advice on exactly what to do and what to expect from my doctor? :slight_smile:

Since it seems that they’ve run a variety of tests already, can you request an MRI?

My order of procedures that led to my diagnosis of MS.

Blood test.

MRI Scan.

Lumbar Puncture.