MS takes no prisoners

some of my thought as a lay in Bed waiting for sleep

Hope all is well where ever you are


Good blog Don!

I’m glad you had a good time with your visitors but yes, we pay the price don’t we.

Wishing you well,

Pat xx

Don it’s so true that this illness is so unfair, I have to plan my weeks with rest days between active days too, but like you I make sure there’s fun days worth paying for. I was really sad hearing about the death of the fire fighter from diabetes, poor man. There are illnesses more cruel than ms though, I’m watching my dad disintegrate through MND at the moment and I’m so grateful to have this over that.

I hope you enjoy your rest days and pick up to enjoy Easter. I’m loving watching all the lambs during the day, their activities would make for great screen savers, take care.

Cath x

Thanks Cath. MND is really nasty my prayers are with you and your dad XXX.

My dad kept sheep on the farm when I was little, he died when I was ten but I have always loved sheep and lambs.


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Great blog as always Don. We do pay a high price, don’t we? Hope after a couple of days of bed rest you will be back on track.

Take care of yourself!

Nina x

Enjoyed your blog Don (always do) but ms is such a bummer, some days it feels like it is one step forward and two steps back.

Rest, rest and rest some more, hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

Pam x

Thanks Don. We’re surrounded by farms where I live and could watch the lambs all day, you were very lucky to have that growing up. I’d make a terrible farmer though, days like today with gales and driving rain and hail I’d have the animals in the kitchen by the fire. Even the hamster gets pride of place in front of a radiator.

Take care

Cath x