Good Days Bad Days Spring Lambs

My Day out and the Spring Lambs

I have had a bad couple of days but the good days more than make up for it and seeing the Lambs was a real delight. When I was a boy my dad kept sheep on the farm, happy memories.


Lovely pics Don.

I spent the first 10 years of my childhood growing up, living on the doorstep to the countryside. Used to get chucked on the back of the farmers cart every year to go potato picking. Loved seeing all the animals and the smell Lol.

Glad you enjoyed your good/bad day with friends and Heather.


Well said, as always Don!

Love the photos!

Hope today is one of the slightly less bad days and not one of the really awful bad days!

Take care,

Nina x

I agree Don, the pictures are lovely, they are so cute.

Hope today is better for you.

Pam x

Hi Don ,

Theres nothing like seeing the lambs to lift your spirits…Its been a gorgeous day in Frodsham and me and Frazer (assistance dog) have been to the park seeing the squirrels it was fabulous i love the park, and he works so hard walking by my wheelchair all the time its nice for him to be let off for a good run and it keeps the squirrels on there toes!!!

Michelle x

Don, your blog is an excellent summary of the effects of the beast. The bad days are really bad. Then there’s the toilet thing: thanks MS, nice little twist in the tail there! But spring is on its way. I didn’t even need the arctic mittens on the scooter today. The Wednesday art class wiped me out however. Getting from scooter into the chair and getting all the stuff out just does it. I will take the wheelchair to the bedside tonight. Toilet is a handy red bottle.

It’s good to get out. When the little one has got over her stinking cold we’ll go in search of lambs.Then it’s the zoo next week.

Best wishes. Steve.

Michelle give Frazer big hug from me and tell him to keep those squirrels on their best behaviour.

Steve we had planned a day out at Ashford livestock market by the MS had other plans so seeing the lambs was a bit of a consolation prize but there is always another day.

XX Don