perfect day

Hi Guys,

thought i would let you know about my perfect day,i went to a lovely garden centre today, in Holmfirth ‘last of the summer wine’ country’ the weather was warm and sunny,the views over the valley were really wonderful, and we sat by a big pond that has black swanns,who had there little cygnets,awwww,there were ducks too and white swans… they also had wallabies,chickens and lambs… we had a lovely lunch sat in the shade,my gorgeous 17month old grandaughter loved it and took great delight in mimicking the noise the lambs were making,she made everyone laugh…so that made her do it even more…it was so funny

the garden centre is quite small so i managed to be able to walk a little way… i felt ‘normal’ for once,not having to use my w/c or scooter,so that made my day even more special, we have also had a lot of illness and stress this last few months,and i havent been able to get out much at all,i was ‘bogged’ down with it all and my symptoms went into today i thought to myself i was going to try and get out.come what may…such a special day,with my lovely family…

J x

Hello Mrs J,

It’s brilliant to hear about the good days when you feel positive about things. I visited Holmfirth some thirty years ago whist visiting a friend who was studying at Bretton Hall. I remember a rather spectaculay viduct nearby (Denby Dale I think) and trying to find Nora Batty’s house. It’s a lovely part of the world; thanks for sharing your happiness.

Best wishes, Steve.

England in high summer! Bottle the feeling and keep it for those dark winter days.

Mrs J your day sounded perfect to me as well, you describe it so well. England is a beautiful country, especially in summer. Thank you for sharing it with us, sounds lovely and it’s even better knowing you got to enjoy it on a day you felt well and could get around.

Cath xx

Sounds like the perfect day to me too…granddaugters and garden centres, wonderful! Nina x

Sounds absolutely wonderful. Well done Mrs J!!! Pat xx

What a lovely day. Makes up for all the crappy ones when you get a memorable one like that. Mags xx

thanks you guys,so pleased you enjoyed my ‘perfect day’ too xx

Very pleased you had such a lovely day. When these days happen, they are very special