MS related or not?

Hi all, Im fairly new to MS after getting diagnosed in March thanks to wobbly eyes, over the last week, I’ve been feeling really off like my head/ears/eyes all feel a bit like a washing machine, leading to a bad headache/nausea by the evening. I can’t concentrate particularly well and feel a bit like i am going to faint/stumble, not that i have just feel a bit spaced out. Not sure if this is likely to be MS related or whether its likely to be just a virus… can anyone shed some light, not sure whether to ride it out, call the doctor (appts take forever) or call the MS nurse

It sounds like it could be vertigo. You could try asking your MS nurse to call in and see you. If it’s vertigo there are exercises you can do to help (unfortunately they make your head a bit worse temporarily but they do work). A physiotherapist showed me how to do them. Your GP can also prescribe Stemetil to help with nausea.

Obviously it could be a virus or something else entirely! But you lose nothing by asking your MS nurse to advise you.

Hope it gets better soon.


At the end of the day, if you are worried enough to ask for medical advice from a bunch of strangers on the interwebs, you might want to seriously consider going to a medical professional instead. Your MS nurse would be a good start.

Sincerely, your health is too important to be left to us amateurs, so take it seriously. And by the same token, if getting a GP appointment is a lengthy affair, go to your local A&E instead, preferably at a hospital with a neurological department (hopefully with an on call neurologist).

The current ‘cause celebre’ is stroke. Anything even vaguely resembling such a complaint will get you some attention. And then if they can pass you onto an expert (given you’re already a diagnosed MSer) you should find answers to your questions in a matter of hours not weeks.

All the very best to you. good luck!