MS in pregnancy


Has anyone’s symptoms got worse through pregnancy?

This is my second pregnancy since being diagnosed and during both pregnancies my symptoms have got worse. This time I have practically lost used the use of my right hand foot and leg and my right arm is very weak, making everyday tasks impossible. Pins and Needles on my right side are really bad at night making sleeping difficult.

If so did you find any treatments other than steroids that worked?

Many Thanks

In a word, yes. My only symptom that i suffer with (at the moment) is blurred vision in my left eye after a bout of optic neuritis. When I was pregnant the blurriness was worse due to my core temperature being higher than normal. Pesky hormones! It got better after my baby was born, I just had to sit it out. Hope you don’t suffer for much longer. Oh and I didn’t use any treatments, I just had to be patient. Wishing you well with the rest of your pregnancy. Lisa x