Fed up

Hello everyone, I hope your all keeping ok. I just want to have a bit of a rant if that’s ok. I’m feeling sooooooo fed up tonight. Like really properly fed up and peed off. I’m 7 months pregnant and I can’t decide if it’s just my hormones being all over the place or I’m just having a bad day with this wretched disease. And to top it all off the optic neuritis I had last Xmas just hasn’t completely recovered and I’m left with blurred vision in my left eye. I feel like because of my permanent blurred vision I never get a break from this stupid disease. I feel bad for moaning as I know there are others a lot worse off than me but I just really needed to vent. Do you think it’s just my hormones making everything seem ten times worse? I just got married a week ago and this should be a special happy time but instead I feel rotten. And also has anyone had ON that they haven’t totally recovered from and have been left with blurred vision? Would be good to hear how you cope. Thanks for listening, Lisa xx

hi lisa

i’ve never had optic neuritis (yet, touch wood) but i know that if i have a busy exciting time it will lay me low for a week or so after.

so look at it as the aftermath of your wedding and your hormones playing havoc.

now rest up for the new arrival!!

is this your first pregnancy?

make happy plans for your happy event.

do NOT allow ms to ruin it for you - keep a positive mindset so that it can’t.

love to you and your husband

carole xxxxx

Hello Lisa,

I am sure that all of your activities last week and of course your expected new arrival. You will have to do some serious resting to try and see what that could bring. I have had ON several times - once I went totally blind in one eye and it was really frightening. Unfortunately ON seems to take ages to recover from. I think that I took at least two years for that really bad spell to leave. I have had MS for twenty + years and have had ON off and on all the time (I don’t know why my own MS seems to favour this symptom!), but now I have reasonable eye sight and though I wear specs to read, these are weak ones. Don’t give up on your eyesight just yet, as it really DOES recover.

Take care,


Hi Lisa I would tell you a joke but seeing as you need cheering up I wont inflict that pain on you!!! I always find laughter is the best medicine CONGRATULATIONS on getting married and also for the baby. Hormones are rubbish aren’t they? I keep crying at all the soppy Christmas films (shhhhhh dont tell anyone else coz I used to be a ruffty tuffty builder but am now a gibbering wreck) I put it down to the cold weather, when the sun comes back again it will all be good and the hormonnes will go back in there right place untill then keep smiling it confuses the enemy.

Lisa, Yes, I’ve had ON twice, first time IV steroids cleared it up, second time, IV steroids stopped the pain, but the visions is like looking through the worst UK fog, sorry I live in Belgium and from the US. Somehow, I get by with little problems… I need more light than before but it has not slowed me down at all, I hoping my right eye is not going to wear out trying to make up for the left… Lol… My depth perception is also very bad, but I can live with that. Congratulations on your wedding and soon to be new born! Greg

Lisa, I had ON twice now, first time IV Steroids cleared it up, 2nd time the steroids took care of the pain, but the vision is like looking through a very thick fog. I find that I need extra light just to make it through normally. Also, my depth perception I s way off, just takes a long time to focus (don’t throw a ball at me, it will hit me in the head before I see it), there goes that career lol. I still drive without a problem, I need a larger computer screen at work, but other than that, I’m doing OK with it. Congratulations on the marriage and the soon to be baby (boy or girl?) Keep your chin up! Greg

Sorry about the double post, I am not computer proficient lol Greg

Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to comment on my post. I’ve had a cold and cough for the last week or so so I guess that could be making my symptoms worse. But I’m hoping in time my vision will continue to improve. I just keep panicking that what happens if this happens to my other eye, my vision really will be screwed. But I guess I can’t think like that, be positive blah blah blah. Sorry, these pesky hormones have got me into a really negative place. Maybe I’ll just go for a nap, it’s so hard being pregnant!! No, don’t know if it’s a boy it a girl. Would quite like a girl but that probably means it will be a boy. It will be a nice surprise either way. Thanks again, Lisa x


Firstly, congratulations and I bet you can’t wait for baby to arrive.

Secondly, I have had a recent cough and cold and it left my ON terrible in both eyes.

My MS started with blurred vision and then painful spasms and after tests they d/x MS.

The ON has never completely disappeared in 8 years if I am honest but it tends to get a bit better than if I get any sort of infection it’s back to square one and terrible blurred vision until the infection clears.

I hope it soon clears for you and take care of yourself.

Shazzie xx

Hello Lisa

How are you at the moment? at seven months pregnant your hormones will have a lot to do with how your feeling. Its a tough time for you with the ms as well to cope with…I hope your getting plenty of support. Its good to vent so don’t feel bad…get it off your chest and share thats what I say.

Luckily I’ve never had optic neuritis, it sounds awful. I do get double vision and dry painful eyes…thats enough for me lol.

Newly married and soon to be a mum, so much to look forward to. I hope things start to improve soon so you can enjoy life more.

Take care, Noreen


firstly can i say that its irrelevant that others are ‘worse than you’-what u are feeling/experiencing is not comparable to anyone else-you are having going to cope with it (of course others can sympathise but they dont know what its like to be you)

you have got alot going on… try getting through just 15mins at a time… just a wee tip i have learnt over the years.

i have had ON in both eyes. right one recovered on its own-left one hasnt i doubt it ever will after 7 months but never say never.

exciting times for you-treasure this time-its so precious.

vent on here whenever u want-sometimes it just helps to get it out…

ellie (mum of 4) x

Thanks everyone, feeling a bit better today, not quite as hormonal. Thanks for all your support and kind words. I’m trying really hard to just relax and enjoy this special time by my god am I tired!!! Xx

Hi Lisa Congratulations on pregnancy & marriage. Am I right in thinking you’re moving house soon too? Your hormones & stress levels must be through the roof - you’re going through life events that most people find hugely stressful. And you have MS. So I’d say you’re coping really well and things will eventually ease for you. I know that when I was 7 months pregnant, I felt that all my normal responses to things were HUGELY exaggerated; things I’d normally feel mildly irritated at enraged me, things that would normally make me slightly sad would devastate me and things that would normally just alarm me terrified me. I wish you all the best - it WILL get easier & better and you’ve so much to look forward to. Love jane xxx

Hi Jane, yes I am moving house soon. What most people do over the course of a few years I manage to cram into a few months!!! I’m my own worst enemy really. Thanks for your kind words xx