Worsening of symptoms

Hi fellow people,

I am having a worsening of symptoms…sensations spreading down my left side and feel like someone is sat on my chest. My left leg feels a little wobbly also. I am wondering if I need to be visiting the GP for steroid treatment? What are peoples thoughts on this? I am due to go on holiday next Sat so would really like this sorting. We are trying for baby number two however I know 100% I am not pregnant yet so can take the steroids? Or should I just wait to see if they go on their own although I have had them a while now in my arm and its spread to my chest area. Would appreciate some useful advice please as I could see the emergency doc todaay rather than wait till tomorrow? Last question does anyone know if TENS help with sensory symptoms? Thanks guys xxx

It definitely sounds like a relapse, although whether or not you should take steroids is really up to you. Do you normally respond well to them? If you do, then it would hopefully mean that you’re able to go on that holiday?

Someone posted last year(?) that they had steroids while pregnant and that their MS nurse said it was fine. Was it mrsp perhaps? My memory sucks! Anyway, it looks like it’s fine to have them if you’re wrong about that 100%.

Not sure about TENS - I haven’t tried it - but I think some people find it helpful. Hopefully someone will know.

Good luck.

Karen x

Thank you for the reply…yes I reacted well last time although felt quite low in mood which is a side effect I now know…so if I did take them this time I would hopefully be able to keep telling myself that it’s the steroids making me feel like that if you know what I mean? I have had sensations in my fingers since December and have just been putting up with it but its just the last week the left side has gone a lot worse.

Ooh don’t suppose you know how I get notifications on here to my email when someone has replied as I used to when it was the old site.

Thanks again. Will see the GP tomorrow x