What does this indicate to you?

I’ve been to my doctors in July with some symptoms but not had any word from specialists yet. I started with tired feeling eyes, that then turned into double vision-I was given prisms in my lenses to help that. Optician told me some of my eye muscles had stopped working properly. My arm and leg muscles feel really weak, especially first thing in the morning but as the day goes on can improve a bit. Sometimes very mind tingling in my left hand. I have a bit of difficulty chewing esp anything tough. Occasionally my voice sounds really nasal-it’s as if the air is escaping down my nose and I can’t stop it?? Does any of this sound like MS or any other illness? The added complication to this is I’m now 7 weeks pregnant and that’s terrifying me as I don’t know what’s wrong!

Hi Heather, It might be a good idea to write all this down and tell your GP and midwife. You could also phone the helpline here- I’ve found them lovely and helpful. All the best with your pregnancy :slight_smile: