Losing the will - please help :(


Sorry for the dramatic post but I am really so fed up.

I’ve been feeling unwell and not like myself for some time now but recently it’s gotten worse.

I have an 11 month old baby and it all started whilst I was pregnant, I was extremely fatigued during my pregnancy and got signed off work due to this for my final couple of months. I just thought this was part of being pregnant as this is my first child but it was a tiredness like I’ve never felt before. Could sleep all day and even walking around made me so out of breath and dizzy. I had checks for anaemia and other routine bloods but nothing.

I’ve had periods of feeling wiped out but the past couple of months I’ve really noticed a change and am worried about some of my symptoms, I just don’t feel like me and am seriously fed up.

I’ve been having issues with my vision, I’m due to return to work soon and have applied for a few jobs. Have been trying to prepare but my vision has been so blurry, at times it’s felt like the words on the page were moving. I’ve also had a tingly feeling in my face and when I mention it to my partner he just looks at me like he doesn’t understand. I’ve had tingles up my arms and legs as well as stabbing pains and general achyness. At times it’s felt a bit like flu where even your knuckles and tips of your fingers hurt.

I also feel really dizzy and spaced out, I walked from one shop to the other on Saturday and I felt so off balance and was completely drained of energy when I got home. It’s the strangest sensation and I feel like my reactions are off too.

I started to feel better this weekend so drove to meet my friend for some lunch and the parking situation was quite stressful. When I got home it felt like I was hungover (hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol) and my body ached all over.

I’m struggling to sleep, my neck and whole body aches. I feel worse in the mornings and at the end of the day.

I went to my gp two weeks ago who sent me to the hospital worried I might have pneumonia or sepsis. Chest x ray was fine and bloods showed no infection, they did show I might have a blood clot so they arranged a CT scan but this was also clear.

I’m having to lean on family and friends to help me out and help to look after my daughter and I hate this. I’m normally so independent and I just want to enjoy my last few weeks off with my daughter but I’m struggling.

My symptoms are worse after certain things like stress and pushing myself. If I clean the house I’m bed bound for a couple of days. Both myself and my daughter have had a couple of sickness bugs recently and my appetite has gone.

I’m getting these buzzing like electric shocks in my head too.

I’m normally so focussed and driven but have absolutely flopped in these job interviews.

Does this feel like your early symptoms? I’ve gotten to this point via google and am really worried. Going to go back to the doctors but I know they’ll say “virus” but I know my body and I know something is wrong.

I really hope someone can help x

I’m undiagnosed so can’t help you a great deal but would just like to say that yes, these symptoms of fatigue, tingling etc are MS symptoms, but they’re all symptoms of a lot of other conditions; it could be fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, lupus, CFS etc there are so many conditions that mimic MS it could even be anxiety (but I know how annoying it is to have everyone tell you everything is down to anxiety, just something to consider though) so please don’t worry yourself too much, your symptoms definitely don’t mean you have MS it could be a lot of things, take care :slight_smile:


ah being a mum is such a joy and very exhausting too. the thing is when your pregnant your hormones are totally screwed and then when you have your baby you hit a real crash sometimes and it can cause all your symptoms. Out of whack hormones from pregnancy and also a form of post natal depression can creep up on you. YOu mention work several times, where you not working when you got pregnant and then went on maternity leave?

Are you kind of dreading going back to work as leaving baby can be a terrible wrench.

there could be a lot of things going on but you seem to have been taken seriously by your doctor have had blood tests and xrays and they found nothing.

Is it MS i have no idea, did you read somewhere that MS can be triggered after a pregnancy as it isnt necessarily true, being pregnant with MS can actually make you feel better. not worse.

some people with RRMS who have a baby actually go into remission.

Your symptoms dont scream MS, but do scream, anxiety and M.E.

I am not a doctor but just saying I would think that if your doctor thought you had MS he would take you seriously he seems to have up to now. Do you have to go back to work your not in a good place to be going to work i would ask your doctor to sign you off for now and if you can go on ESA or whatever means you can to live, are you with a partner. do not be pushed into going back to work, you really are not ready for that leap yet.

Have you also had your thyroid checked?

I am so sorry you feel so bad when you should be happy being a mum. Talk to your doctor again and express your concerns. I feel something is going on without doubt, but not sure right now you should be worried about MS.

In the years i have had MS i have never been bed bound, and i have never had the all consuming fatigue you talk off. I know my daughter did with her M.E. and she was bed bound for a year. Hers was triggered by a pneumonia virus.

Anyway stop doing all the work when you feel good, pace yourself ok.

talk to your GP openely and honestly. big hugs, try and relax for now if it is MS it aint going no where, and you should have a good xmas with your daughter its her first one so try and enjoy it ok, worry about all this after and i would not be considering going back to work no way. NOT YET anyway. your not well enough. xxxx merry xmas. xxxx

Sorry you are going through this.But you know your own body better than anyone and if you feel there is something really wrong then i would listen to that inner voice and push for some answers.I felt very much like you describe and i wasn’t listened to for a long time.I kept being told it was nerves,then a virus the drs just fobbed me off saying anything.Then one day a locum gp picked up there was something neurological going on,this led to a lumber puncture and MRI and an MS diagnosis 15 years after my first symptoms.You just know when there is something really wrong.Its just awful when you feel like no ones listening.I felt like i was going insane and it still affects me to this day just how no one believed me.