MS causing insecurities


My boyfriend with MS has been telling me silly lies. I’ve confronted him and asked why he’s been lying to me and he’s said it’s because recently he’s been feeling really insecure and he’s worried I’m going to leave him.

He’s on a trial drug and has infusions every six months and for about a month before the infusion he was feeling rubbish everyday and we hadn’t been intimate. He’s said that he feels like he’s been an ‘average boyfriend’ and that he should have ‘manned up’ and made more of an effort to be intimate even though he didn’t feel like it.

I’ve never said that and I have tried to be patient and supportive even though I’ve also found it hard and have sometimes felt disconnected.

I feel like I’m a very supportive girlfriend. I hate being lied to. What can I do to make him feel less insecure and more able to speak openly with me?

just tell him that you have chosen to stick with him because you love him. tell him that you don’t tell lies. then wait for his response and take it from there. how serious are the lies? little silly white lies or dirty big malicious lies? ms does strange shit to your mind and his medication seems to do the same. you are putting your cards on the table and hopefully he will do the same. good luck and i hope it works out for you both. however make sure that you don’t becaome a martyr to his ms.

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Carol sums it up really well. MS can cause depression for a lot of us and erratic moods can be down to symptoms or medication.

Tell him you want to stand by him but honesty has got to be at the centre of any good/strong relationship - you deserve that

Sonia x

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Hi Carol,

the lies are white lies which is why I can’t understand why he’s telling them. I’ve told him that if he had told me the truth in the first place it wouldn’t have been an issue.

It just makes me question what else he has or will lie about.

Thank you for your advice, we are going to talk tonight.