MS as cause of death

Grim reading on the Barts blog site re causes of death amongst MSers. I hope something else takes me out before I get to that stage.

DMD’s seem to make a difference though.

hi humbug

maybe give up reading Barts blog site?

my auntie (who was also my godmother) died of ms. but she had it in the 1960s when the treatments weren’t available.

i remember her sobbing and saying that she was very poorly.

anyway we are lucky enough to have the treatments so don’t dwell on the worse case scenario.

carole x


!2 years ago, I was an e-pal with a lovely man in his 70s. We moved from Asia to North Yorkshire and he lived about 30 minuts from our new homem so he’d come to our house in his adapted car. We all really enjoyed his company.

He’d had a UTI for ages and after a couple of years with this persistent UTI, he went into hospital for more powerful antibiotic treatment.

He died about 2 weeks later and the inactivity of bed rest and the general weakness of his immune system that gave him pneumonia. Yes, pneumonia was on the death certificate, but it was the MS that caused the infection and then the pneumonia.

He would be in his 80s now, still wobbling on his crutches and getting out of his house whenever possible.

He was diagnosed in the 1960s. Life was quite different for MSers in those days. He was taking LDN, but in the end, it didn’t really help him.

I miss him still.