Am I going to have a short life because of a ms diagnosis?

Sorry, I know this post is a bit full on but it really worries me. Every now & then I look at my partner and think god, he’s gonna loose me too young to this, then I think I don’t want to loose him if this does that to me. I know there are no guarantees in life anyway but ms makes it feel like the beginning of the end.

No, MS is not considered a terminal disease so your lifespan should be about that same. There are rare cases you see in the papers about someone with MS dying, but I think these are generally rare and come from ‘complications relating to MS’ rather than directly caused by MS itself. The most recent one in the papers died from cancer so having MS was seemingly irrelevant.

Have you only just been diagnosed? The initial shock will wear off and life WILL go on, just maybe not exactly how you planned it. You were up late last night posting this so are obviously worried, please post again as people on here are really good at being supportive as they know what you are going through.

No, you definitely should not! The only thing to bare in mind is NOT to put everything down to MS. If you have some unusual symptoms, it’s worth getting checked out. I think a lot of us fall into the trap of blaming MS for everything, but having MS does not make us immune to other serious illnesses unfortunately. MS itself is not a life threatening illness, but it may make you susceptible to other infections. Take care and try not to worry (we all have our moments though!) X

On average, people with MS live something like 4-7 years less than people without MS, but those figures are increasingly misleading as drugs and other support are improving all the time now. If you ever go to a local MSS branch meeting you’ll be reassured by just looking around the room - LOTS of OAPs :slight_smile: My grandmothers made it into their 90s. I have every intention of doing likewise (at least!) :slight_smile: Karen x

Very good point Emma. One thing that I read when newly diagnosed that really struck me: that the leading cause of death of MSers was them thinking something was their MS, when it was actually something else. Kx