Did SUICIDE cross your mind?

Hi everyone!

It’s been weeks since I got my diagnosis of MS, I’m 29 years old, and the two first weeks suicide crossed my mind many times as I was really really in PANIC.

That idea got away… But is it normal?

Is it normal thinking about suicide at the moment of receiving the diagnosis??

I think it’s FEAR about FUTURE what led me to think about it.

Do you think that idea will disappear with time? Is the beast (ms) as terrible as newly diagnosed think? I’m rrms


I hope it disappears! It’s only natural to panic in the beginning. MS used to be such a terrible disease. People would whisper behind their hands “Oh, that poor thing”, because so many wound up in wheelchairs at a young age and then died a few years later from complications.

Not that it’s a great disease now(!), but modern medicine has come so far. Yes, it’s not fun and will causes some kind of problems for everyone it touches, but it doesn’t have the old level of fatality that it did many years ago.

Aside from some with PPMS, the rest of us are helped by DMT’s and even just the treatments for symptoms, like steroids. There is no reason for someone today to believe that they won’t continue being a productive, happy citizen for many years.

If you’re not afraid of growing older, then don’t be afraid of having MS.

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Not for me my friend. I love life too much. You’ll have so many more great times in your life, I promise you that

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The early weeks/months after diagnosis are often very difficult. How that manifests itself will depend on the individual, but I would hazard a guess that very few people sail through those early times in a state of serene calm. Personally, I was a bit of a mess, quite honestly. The good news is that the life force that urges us towards health is very powerful, and you will find that it reasserts itself. Many of us are surprised by how quickly we get back to feeling something like ‘normal’ in terms of our emotions and levels of life happiness. So don’t panic: you’ll be fine.

I should add, however, that if you continue to find yourself thinking about harming yourself, you should seek medical help. Those difficult early days are tough, and the priority is getting through them safe and well. Please seek help if you are feeling dangerously unwell mentally.

Good luck.

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Live4Life is absolutely right! I was let’s say ‘deeper’ than you are now when I was in my mid twenties, also because I did not know thEn, that one of the reasons for my ‘instability’ was the fact that I knew something was wrong with me medically, but was not diagnosed at the time!, which made the other problems I was facing at the time so much harder! Still, I came through that period, met a wonderful british lady and moved to the UK… Yes, I have officially PP, my wife survived a brain haemorrhage, and one of my children is mentally disabled… Life IS worth living, no-one knows what is on the horizon (who expected something like COVID putting our lives upside down?!), take it as it comes, everyone has ‘shitty’ but also happy moments to come. Take care.

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Live your life, do what you can.
My motto is Latin phrase ‘Carpe diem’ seize the day.
Enjoy life, there is so much you can do.

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