Do you feel scared?

I’m sorry this is a downer of a post, but I get these thoughts every now & then and I feel scared for my life & future. Do you live in fear of ms & how your gonna be in years to come? Is is gonna be as bad as we all have been told/think etc?

Hi everyone has those thoughts from time to time you wouldnt be human if you didnt but try not to worry to much, everyone is different and the problem with MS is no 2 people are the same, it will mainly depend on how your body id affected by MS , try to take each day as it comes , but most of all try not to worry, i know its its easier said than done, bets wishes


Hi Anon, Life is what you make it. MS does not kill you and any damage it does to you, you adapt to whatever happens and find another way of doing things. Live each day as it comes, remember you may have MS but it hasn’t got you. As Mac has said we are all different and it affects people in different ways, so don’t worry about the future just enjoy each day. Hope this helps you. Janet x

Yes, I sometimes worry about what my future holds and how much longer I’m going to be relatively fit and well. I try not to focus on it as I can’t do a lot to change it, but it does sometimes get to me. I think after diagnosis there’s a period of mourning the future we thought we had, these feelings may be part of that.

There are other days when I’m not going to let any disease stop me from doing the things I want to do. And days when I hope that it won’t be much longer until some scientist somewhere finds a drug that slows down progressive MS.

I do worry but fundamentally I can’t do a lot to change the course of this disease so I might as well worry about the things I can change and leave those that I can’t, like MS, to look after themselves. This approach works for me probably 75% of the time.

Hiya, I agree with Mitzi. My legs have been hurting for the part week. If MS is what your faced with then you have to face it head on and do whatever you can you ensure your comfortable. Hardest part it other people who dont understand. I rescheduled some work this week due to my legs and people say there legs hurt… Just take a painkiller?? Doesn’t work like that for us!. Sounds like im moaning now :slight_smile: Carl

Nothing wrong with a good old moan…everyone I speak to has worse health problems than me, I just sympathise and move on I’m not into competing over medical conditions. Have a nice day Jan x