Thinking about the future

Hi,does anyone else think about the future with ms and find it scary?

no danni

seeing my livewire of best friend being given a diagnosis of terminal cancer made me realise that life is a gift.

anyone could be afraid of their future,

we are all getting older and all sorts of horrors are possible.

the present with ms is scary enough!


I have to admit that I do sometimes but like Carole says, I have a word with myself and try to think how lucky I am. I don’t have a terminal illness and I still have good mobilty. Yes, MS is a bugger but it could be a lot worse. Before my diagnosis I sometimes had a negative view of the world but now I always try each day to be thankful for what I do have.

I suppose in a way thats all we can do then,be positive and take each day as it comes otherwise it will control us and living with ms and the uncertainty of it is hard enough. Cheers guys

Obviously, just having MS is scary. It adds a little bit more worry to the existing angst that just being alive gives us.

And life in general as Carole and Joey have said is something that’s a bit perilous.

I suspect that being the parent of young children adds to your MS worry. But really at least you know you have MS, that’s one less worry, when you know you have something, you don’t have to fear it. And doing what you can to reduce relapses by taking a DMD and staying as fit and healthy as possible makes the future less likely to be a disabled one.


Hi i lost my Dad 4 months ago because he had cancer & he was so brave all the way through & i miss him so much, he was one in a million So i think why be scared of the future I take each day as it comes some good & some bad days but try & not get on top of me, i was diagnosed with ppms 4 months ago & go to physio every week for my mobility as i have foot drop & next week having electric stimulation on it to see if that helps but i try & look forward to my holidays & going out for a nice meal etc. Buttercup

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Yeah, I totally agree. Especially with MS, it differs from person to person and its not terminal. Some go there whole life with a few onsets here and there and on the flip side it can be a bit manic for some. With new treatments on the table now than ever before and constant research now we are much better equipped too.

It’s really nice to see people still having a positive outlook on life

No, i’m too busy coping with the present. Like some above I have friends with terminal cancer and they are doing AMAZING stuff. Kinda puts things in perspective. I have a marvellous partner, kids who love me, a new home more suited to my needs.

I would call myself a woman of faith, yeah I know belief is personal, but if ever I was down, I thought of these words: God created me for a purpose. I may not know it. I may not understand it. But I’m her e for a reason.