Really upset me

Tonight a close relative, told me they had a relative that at 34 years old had the same symptons as me , diagnosed with ms shortly after then just deterioted untill she was placed in a home 5 yrs later and she passed away shortly after, this has hit me really hard. Have been trying to stay positive but came down to earth tonight with a bang

Please don’t take this to mean this is going to happen to you as well, we have all probably heard horror stories like this at some point, but the truth is that the majority of people with MS live full active lives. sure we may have to make a few adjustments along the way, but it is not the end of life as we know it. Your relative was probably just trying to relate in some misguided way to what your experiencing, which is hard for anyone to do if they haven’t lived in our world. Keep your chin up, don’t let the negativity pull you down and concentrate on the hear and now. Best wishes Laura :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, one of the certainties about MS is the misguided “Oh I knew someone…” stories. Some are doom and gloom and some are the dismissive “and they were running marathons when they were 93” type but, on the whole, they are utterly meaningless. Please try to ignore it.

More often than not the details are completely twisted by time and Chinese-whispers-like repetition too: it is probably just as likely that the relative was 84, didn’t have MS at all and got run over by a bus whilst on an outing!

Karen x

Oh dear, this info wont help you one jot, I know.

This kind of severe MS is really, really rare…honestly it is!!

Have you been diagnosed yet?

What you must hang onto is the fact that MS doesn`t have to mean a shortened, useless life.

We have many members here, who are into their 70s +. many of them are still able to walk and do normal stuff.

But even if it does put anyone into a wheelchair, that isnt the end of the world either.

ive been a full time wheeler for 9 years and I dont consider myself passed it or at deaths door…far from it…i have a lot to live for. Life is still a struggle, but I get there or I have a day in bed.

What you need is to get good support network of folk who understand and help you…not pity you!

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