Mrs Caldicott`s Cabbages

Hi, did anyone see the very entertaining drama, with the above title, about 5 days ago?

I was channel hopping in the early afternoon and thought it might be good.

Well honestly it was marvelous!.

The title character was played by the wonderful Pauline Collins…great first name, same as mine y`know!

Anyway, she had been married to a brute of a man for eons, when he suddenly died and her son put her in a home, to get the family house, knock it down and sold it off to allow 20 houses to be built.

He and his snotty wife didnt care a fig for Mrs Caldicott.

Anyway, the story was more about the rigours of the home, its thieving manager (equally well played by John Alderton, Paulines hubby. Always a good recipe for a great play or film when they are together), and the sex mad Matron.

Mrs C organised a mass break out from the home and booked all it`s residents into a swish hotel. The media got hold of story and changes were implemented back at the home, so everyone had a happy and enjoyable retirement.

Cabbages? Well that was when some of the first escapees played bowls with cabbages, after fleeing in a fruit and veg delivery van!

I thoroughly enjoyed the prog.

luv Pollx