I hope I haven't killed her....

Family get together – hot day – so rather than anyone slaving over a hot stove we got some ‘salad in the bowl (s)’ for everyone – you know the sort - plastic spoon and mayonnaise in a plastic sachet.

Collecting the empty plastic bowls and sachets afterwards there was no sign of the sachet my mother-on-law had. “Enjoy your meal I enquired?” “Very nice - but the fat was a bit tough” came the reply.

Eek - there was no fat in any of the bowls - I think the old girl had actually eaten the sachet…

(Going ‘anon’ for obvious reasons!)


Wow thanks for the idea , l might try this on my darling mother in law

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I think I’d better not tell Mr Sssue, otherwise he might just invite my mother round for a salad!

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Ooops, might be more than “tough” when the fat reappears, get your story straight


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