Angry with hubby or WHAT!

I blew my stack this event. I absolutely hit the ceiling and went bonkers at Mark and threw a donor kebab over him and all over the car. Did I go mad or what? Every Tuesday I attend a stress management course and Mark takes me. There is a kebab van just outside and last week Mark suggested that after this evenings session (the final one) we stop for a kebab before going home. I’ve been looking forward to it and neither of us had any dinner because we were to have a kebab later on. We were going to sit in Rochford square and eat them. Mark came and picked me up from the course, drove to the kebab hut and came back with one kebab for me and nothing for him. “Where’s yours?” “I don’t want one, I had a steak roll earlier when I was waiting for you.” I’d been looking forward to this all week and he trashed the evening. He got kebab, salad and chilli sauce all over him and the car needs a serious clean. If he ever makes a date with me and then does that to me, he can wear it!


Hello Pat, It sounds as if you may need to do the anger management again. However i can se your point of view. I never shout ever!! I never loose my temper I seem to be able to keep my feelings under raps. That is maybe why i had a heart attack at 36. So just maybe at times it can be good to get angry and blow off steam. Janex

Oh Pat

I have to say that I would feel the same as you. I wouldn’t have wasted my kebab though.

It’s almost like being invited out for a meal and sitting there eating on your own while he reads the paper.

Try not to dwell on it though eh?

Shazzie xx

thanks I’ve had a really good laugh - but on the serious side what can I say but - MEN eh !!! you can’t beat them (shame) & you certainly don’t want to join them, so unfortunately we just have to put up with them - poor things its a shame x Hope you get taken out somewhere really nice soon & pin a note to him reminding him NOT TO EAT BEFORE ha ha ha xxxx

thanks I’ve had a really good laugh - but on the serious side what can I say but - MEN eh !!! you can’t beat them (shame) & you certainly don’t want to join them, so unfortunately we just have to put up with them - poor things its a shame x Hope you get taken out somewhere really nice soon & pin a note to him reminding him NOT TO EAT BEFORE ha ha ha xxxx

Errr, you for real, Pat? I’d be checking the dates… doesn’t sound to me like that was the final stress management course at all; sounds like you still have a few you need to attend.

Your poor long suffering husband. He bought you the kebab you requested, there was nothing to stop you both sitting together in the Square as planned. So he got hungry earlier and ate before you… it was a take away snack food for goodness sake, not an expensive à la carte restaurant.

How childish to throw a tantrum and literally THROW your dinner at him and the car. Shameful behaviour on your part.


Oh Pat, what a horrible end to 2 things that should`ve gone better.

Like others have suggested…maybe the course wasn`t very successful for you.

Then the planned kebab sharing time…that went way wrong.

I hope you and hubby have made friends again now.

luv Pollx

Interesting spin on things, Pat.

Technically Mark could have you charged with assault… has it occurred to you that if a male did that to a woman everyone would be screaming domestic violence?

And it is still domestic violence when a woman is the perpetrator…

You might want to ponder on that.

Good course then?


Spot on. Abuse is Abuse

Well …as long as the reaction was completely in proportion to the offence… oh…wait a sec…

I assume there were other factors that haven’t been divulged, otherwise that course has been about as useful as a chocolate fireguard!!


I’m not sure him getting food prehand was what ruined the evening, but rather your reaction. If you’d have smiled, made a joke of him being greedy guts and sat and had a nice chat in a warm evening, I think you’d have enjoyed that just as much as if he’d have been eating with you.

Oh well I’m sure it’ll be a memory you’ll both keep, hope it turns into one you can learn from and laugh about?

P.s hope the food was yum. Hmmm making me want a chippy tea. X

What absolutely appalled me, is that you come on here to tell us about this kind of behaviour, as if it’s clever. I am utterly fed up of people behaving like this nowadays, as if it is acceptable to lash out in temper when things don’t go their own way. I would expect this behaviour from a child but not an adult. And as has been pointed out above, if this were a man acting like this towards his wife, we would all be disgusted and up in arms. Anger management course needs repeating, methinks.

Wow…just wow.

Oh get a life, it was only a kebab, is not living with MS bad enough without getting upset about his.

Haha Pat! You made me laugh. He was hungry ,so he had to eat. Well done on him.

DISABLED WOMAN ARESTED FOR ATTACKING HUSBAND WITH KEBAB. A 55 year old man is recovering in hospital after having a pitta bread removed from his backside. The man who cannot be named for legal reasons sufferred multiple injuries after hiis wife allegedly lunged at him in with a doner kebab. The attack was particularly nasty because the kebab contained hot chilli sauce. The incident happened shortly after 9.00pm on Tuesday. The assailant is described as red faced, wheelchair bound and covered in grease. Police are appealing for witnesses. Oh hilarious. Except you forgot to point out that said person had just come out of a stress management course and it was done in a fit of childish temper because the man had just changed his mind and said person wasn’t getting her own way Your poor husband…

Hello Pat,

I am sorry to read about your frustration and anger. MS can make our emotions surface far faster than they would ordinarily do, but we have to own up when we have a blast, for our loved ones as well as ourselves. You will have to try and explain to hubby, but you will also have to do a lot of apologising. Good luck and I hope that you are both great friends very soon.


Well done Pat - show him that you may be wheelchair bound but you still have a throwing arm worth a-watching!!

Men - the wee dears - can’t live with them - can’t shoot them with a shotgun (its the paperwork in triplicate, its just a real pain). Next time Pat - enjoy your kebab and force hubby to cope with the smell which is lovely when you’re hungry but not if you have already eaten. Take your time and enjoy it and if he gets impatient then tell him its his own fault.

And for the people shouting physical abuse, get real - there is a world of difference between a disabled woman throwing a kebab because her husband was insensitive and a man or woman using their fists or humilating another person.