Pressure cooker about to explode

Just need to let off steam!!!

Husband been ill for the last 3 weeks with bowel problems, came to ahead last Tuesday, GP visit straight into hospital till Friday. This is going to sound really uncaring, but he is not one to suffer in silence everyone knows he’s ill. Cooking all weekend a special diet, today jab day and felt absolutely cr#p. Does anyone notice or remember but that’s nothing new! Sick to death of being the one that can carry on no matter what! Oh and by the way he’s been on the sofa all day every day since he’s got home, just getting up for food when it’s been prepared. Apologies for the moan, just needed to get it off my chest before going to bed, with yet another headache. Take care everyone no need to reply just feel better for seeing it in black and white.

Is there something here about the difference between acute and chronic illness? When you have an acute illness, everyone is running around after you, they visit you in hospital and they send Get Well cards and flowers and enquire anxiously after your progress. They cook you tempting little morsels and serve them prettily on a tray. How many Get Well cards and flowers did we get? Do we get? Exactly!

Ah well, c’est la vie. I hope that you both feel better soon.