This is rude................It'll make you chuckle

Greetings,and I’m hoping today will be better for you than yesterday.OK,here we go.The next time you eat a banana once you’ve peeled it,very gently put the end inch or so between your front teeth and turn the whole thing through 360 degrees,fingers permitting of course.When you’ve finished…Hey Presto.

I would talk you through making some balloon animals but the Court Order is still in effect.

I’ve been told to grow up but it doesn’t really appeal.


It would be a crying shame if you did grow up Wb

Not got any bananas but going to get some later…i’l try it then.

Lisa x

Growing old is mandatory - growing up is optional

Tracey x

And gracefully is option 3 and one which I shall avoid at all costs !! Xx

Shucks, just eaten my banana for lunch before I read this! Will have to try to remember for next time!

While the ‘Rude Boy’ is on - did any watch the Syndicate on bbc1 last night. Alcoholic Alan had bought himself a Thai Bride on the tinternet. Except the beautiful girl turned out to me a ‘boy’. She/He had beautiful boobs - but as she lowered her gown Alans eyes nearly popped out - and he exclaimed - you have a bigger one then me. Then he goes home - gets drunk - climbs into his loft where he is growing his own ‘pot plants’. Starts smoking - passes out and sets the loft alight. He does get rescued but everyone around - the neighbours and fire-fighters had all been breathing in the cannabis smoke.

well back to my banana!!!


Hi Pat I don’t understand the mirror.When the nana has got top and bottom teeth touching it turn it through 360 degrees or 90 then back carefully.Once this is done have a look at the end.

Actually the Government are paying me to get folk to play with fruit as part of the Five a Day campaign.

Wb x

Pat,that’ll make you chortle even more

Wb x

Thanks Pat, I was getting a bit worried.I was shown the trick years ago and still don’t understand it.

Wb x <(L)>

Now now Pat,you are confusing this ‘Innocent’ because bananas do taste like bananas,and you should know 'cos you’re definitely alright for Potassium and your fibre intake is getting there.

I defy you to start peeling a banana and not smirk.

Wb x

Oh er missus !! Xx

l only like the brown ones - always avoid the green ones.

Hubby just asked why am i smirking at a banana, dare’nt tell him, he would want me to stop coming on here

He would think that you’re corrupting me.


l think my banana is jewish!

You are bananas Wb!

luv Pollx

Well Girls,I apologise if fruit is cited as a cause for divorce.Pat,we are all waiting with bad, sorry, bated breath.F,we are talking the yellow variety and Anon,has your banana demanded friday off as it is the Sabbath?

Apparently a ‘Double ender’ is a possibility, not that I’ve ever bothered.

Wb x

Just read through this and it’s cheered me up after a crappy day, thanks everyone haha x


Wb x